3 Ways To Make Valentine’s Day Fun Even When You Don’t Have A Date

3 Ways To Make Valentine's Day Fun Even When You Don't Have A Date

3 Ways To Make Valentine’s Day Fun Even When You Don’t Have A Date


There are some days where being single is really hard.

Today, February 14, happens to be one of them.

You can’t help but see commercials on TV or storefronts loaded with Valentine’s Day ideas and gifts.

Your email box is probably loaded with Restaurant.com and Groupon offers to wine and dine you and the sweetheart you wish you had.

Everywhere you look it seems like couples are holding hands and kissing.

The huge emphasis on Valentine’s Day LOVE can feel so intense that not only do you feel lonely on today, but you may also feel left out of something that seems to be universally happening for everyone else but you.

So I want to give you 3 Ways to actually make TODAY fun for you!

#1 . . . Make YOU your Valentine

Make this day about you.

Do something special for yourself.

I have one client who is taking herself out to dinner.

She chose a restaurant she always wanted to go to and made a reservation.

She is so excited to do this and yes she is doing it on her own because she feels she’s worth it.

If you’re not up for dining alone, have one of your favorite meals delivered by Uber Eats or Door Dash.

Really do it up and make this meal special.

Light some candles.

Grab a glass of wine.

Put your dinner on real plates . . . ones you actually love that make you feel good.

Find a movie that you’ve wanted to see on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu and just relax and enjoy this special treat.

You are worth it and it feels nice to treat yourself.

#2 . . . Call some of your friends and invite them over for drinks, appetizers and games

Girlfriends are really important and can make this dreaded night fun.

Call up one or more of your single friends and see if they’d like to come over for drinks and dinner.

Ask each one to bring their favorite appetizer or bottle of wine along with a favorite game.

Games are fun and even if your friends don’t all know each other, games are a great icebreaker for bringing people together.

Your single friends who don’t have Valentine’s dates will be so happy you took the initiative to make tonight a fun night.

And you’ll feel good hanging out laughing and enjoying good food with some of your favorite people.

#3 . . . Join a new dating site

Even men can feel the sadness of being alone on Valentine’s Day and you will probably find quite a few hanging out at your favorite online dating site tonight.

All you have to do is plant yourself in front of your computer for half an hour.

Try posting your pictures and profiles on a new dating site. Here are some of my favorites for you to check out: Lisa’s favorite Dating Sites

Then start favoring the men who pique your interest.

Who knows you could find your Mr. Right.

If you’re tired of trying to overcome the over 50’s dating challenges, the smartest thing to do is to find someone who can help you solve them.

Every problem you’re dealing with, I guarantee you I’ve seen it and helped other single women fix it and find the man of their dreams.

Why keep suffering trying to figure this out on your own?

Book a complimentary call with me and lets see how we can change your love life this year. I’d love to help you too!

I didn’t know where to start when it came to dating at my age.  I wanted to learn a different way of dealing with men.  I realized they were very different from the men I was accustomed to when I was younger.  Working with Lisa, I became both enthusiastic and excited about finding the companionship I desired.  She gave me so much hope while teaching me great tools about men and dating that have been so valuable.  She also helped me like who I am at the age of 73, a discovery that makes me so attractive to men.  I can’t say enough about how much fun our sessions were and how much I looked forward to our time together. P.S. As an update, I have an amazing man in my life now. Thank you Lisa!!!! Ellen, California

Believing in you!!!!

Big hugs~



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