Bill from Colorado: “I found community”

Volunteer Bill from Colorado shares his Stitch journey in this article


Community Champion Volunteers are members of Stitch who volunteer their time to hosting events that connect and engage our community, especially in areas where we don’t have active Stitch communities as yet.

Bill from Colorado is one of our superstar Community Champion Volunteers, dedicating hours of his time every week to connecting, entertaining and educating our members from all around the world. If you haven’t already, be sure to attend one of his many activities — they range from weekly Happy Hours, online games, computer classes and meditation sessions!

As he says about volunteering, “I immediately wanted to volunteer for Stitch because I could readily see the importance of the organization and community. I give my time willingly and promote others with positive support in all my activities. I knew that volunteering for Stitch was an excellent opportunity and now fills my days with meaning instead of isolation. Being a volunteer has given me purpose and has helped me grow”.

Bill shares his Stitch journey with us below.

Stitch member Bill from Colorado, US

“Hello, I joined Stitch in November of 2020 at a time when I was becoming increasingly isolated.

I would I spent most of my daytime hours pouring over investment and financial information and I knew I needed to socialize more. So I started looking for groups of people that were interested in meeting to discuss habits and goals. Instead, I found Stitch, and the community is a much better answer to what I was looking for in the first place. I found community.

Now, during the day, instead of being bored with my financial research, I can load Stitch and be a part of a several different discussions. I like, “Ask Men, Ask Women,” “News Links” and just love Kenny’s “The Juke Box.” Everyday I check “Positive Thoughts” and “The Daily Gratitude.” I also like “Coronavirus, Just the Facts,” and “Keto Diet….” Everyday, I have plenty to read. At first I commented a lot, now I like to just see what people are saying. Writing in Stitch discussions and speaking in activities has led me to keep a personal journal, where I am saying what I feel instead of what I think for the first time in my life.

You may know me from the virtual activities called “Windows 10 Tips and Tricks,” “Happy Hour Mountain Time,” or the games that I run “Bad Memes and Bad Words” or “Joking Hazards.”

I especially like sharing resources in my events, hence why I also host “Windows 10 Tips and Tricks.” I have noticed there is an opportunity to help people use their machines (myself included) better, so that they can do their work. I like the feeling I get when I learn something then share it with others. I was surprised how many others look forward to these events.

I host regular “Happy Hour” events on Friday afternoons where people can meet and share what happy, inspirational, or humorous experiences they had that week. Then I try to show a short interesting or humorous video clip. I like to go around the group and ask what the attendees are looking forward to the coming week. I think it is great to hear from everyone in the group.

Stitch member Bill's Happy Hour event

(Above image: Bill’s Happy Hour event)

In “Bad Memes and Bad Words,” which is an adult version of the game “Apples to Apples,” we have a lot of fun on Friday nights. I must tell you that if you do not get offended easily the games are fun, but they can be obscene. I also play another game called, “Joking Hazards,” on Saturday nights.

I am trying to get Full members to join me for meditation on Sunday nights. I would like to expand this with mindfulness and physical exercises that are done on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

A selection of Bill's virtual Stitch events

I hope to see you at my events. I also encourage people to become Full members, as there are many groups and activities for you to join if you are a full member. If you joined for $60.00 annually then you would only spend $5.00 a month. Movie tickets cost almost 3 times that amount. I hope you will join as a member to take advantage of Stitch. I have made a lot of friends virtually, and in the future I will meet them in person.

I am grateful to Stitch for giving me a platform where I can express myself.”

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