Dinners. Dances. Drawing. The Stitch Community in Parramatta and surrounds is getting active!

Collage of Stitch members in Parramatta having fun

In 2020 we announced that Parramatta City Council was joining the Stitch party and together we would be working to connect and engage more residents of the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA)!

Several Stitch members volunteered to help by hosting activities right across the 34 suburbs of the LGA. From dinners, bush walks, concerts and board game events, they did (and are still doing) an incredible job at engaging new and existing members in their local areas. We call these members our superstar Community Champion Volunteers!

Several of these members now share how their experience has been hosting these activities for their local community.

Maddy, Parramatta

“I joined Stitch few years ago but never participated in anything until late 2020 when I became a Community Champion Volunteer for the Parramatta Local Government Area.

Since then I have organised and participated in live shows, bush walks, hiking, movies, dinners, lunches, brunches and more!

Being a Stitch member is a great way to meet other people in and out of your area. I have met so many wonderful people through Stitch and highly recommend people over 50 to join!”

The image above is if Maddy enjoying brunch in Telopea with fellow Stitch members.

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A selection of Stitch member Maddy's events

Richard, North Parramatta

“Hi there, I’m Richard & I’m the very lucky Community Champion Organiser of the Sydney♡Young @Hearters Group within the wonderful Stitch Community.

In the two & a half years that I’ve been a member of Stitch it has literally changed my life & the those of the many new friends I’ve made here.

We might be of a finer vintage these days, but that’s no reason to change all the young spirited activities we always loved to do. So we go to lots of bands, crazy for dancing when we can, an array of restaurants, lovely picnics, all with such wonderful friendships, lots of fun & lots of giggles! We love being Parramatta based & running many great activities locally, but also as a hub for hosting events all over Sydney.

So come & join us for a warm welcome, way to much fun & great new friendships a plenty. You’re going to love it!”

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Alanah, Newington

Alanah’s below post was originally posted in Codenames. Canasta. Scattergories: Stitch members take to gaming during pandemic.

“I spent most of my adult life thinking that people who played board games must be rather dim and with too much time on their hands.

When I retired, a friend dragged me along to a U3A course on Modern Board Games. I quickly learned about the raft of “millennial games” which originated in Germany and Scandinavia, and involved various intriguing narratives. The various strategies seemed to use different parts of my brain and I definitely felt my neural pathways developing, rather going into a post-retirement shut down.

I also discovered that whether I won or lost, these games were actually great fun to play. I bought several of the games and when the course finished, I began meeting up to play with other people from the course and we developed firm friendships. After a couple of years, people dropped out and when Covid-19 hit, it was the final death knell of the group.

I badly missed the mental stimulation and companionship. Then I heard about Stitch, and I signed up eagerly looking for a games group to join.

A selection of Stitch member Alanah's events

In October 2020 I decided to start my own games activities on Stitch, meeting for lunch at the newly opened RSL in Parramatta, and then playing between 1 and 4 p.m., fortified with a coffee break.

None of the Stitch members who attended had any experience of these newer games. I am impressed how far some people are prepared to travel, with three people coming in from the Blue Mountains.

I originally planned to meet fortnightly, but people seem keen to come weekly so that they can build up some expertise.

I am hoping to attract some other keen gamers who can introduce me to their favourite games and share the joy around our enthusiastic group.”

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A little further afield…

Sandra, Ryde

“Hi, I’m Sandy. In October 2020, I found that when my last daughter left home, I had some spare time and an empty house.

Working from home as a bookkeeper I decided I wanted to use my Fine Arts Diploma and do something different, as a volunteer. I wanted to expand my social circle and meet people with similar interests. I found an advertisment by Parramatta Council looking for volunteers through Stitch….Yay ideal!! 🙂

Since joining Stitch I have held drawing expeditions in Ryde Park, at Rookwood Cemetery, at the Art Gallery of NSW, and even at my house.

I have met a group of lovely people interested in drawing from beginners to people with Fine Arts Diplomas. Due to COVID 19 I have tried to keep the drawing at outdoor settings in small groups. We have compared drawings over lunch at the local cafes.

My aim is for the group to practice drawing, be positive, encouraging and to assist each other when asked. In future if people wish to, I will place photos of their work on Stitch, but there is no pressure to produce, it is the practising and socialising that is important. Above and to the left is a drawing of mine, about a neglected discreet section of Rookwood Cemetary. The drawing to the right is also mine.

Holding regular events and attending them through Stitch has been a rewarding experience as it has given me the opportunity to meet some interesting and lovely people!”

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