Golden Bachelor Divorce – Here’s what I Believe Broke Them Up

Golden Bachelor Divorce - Here's what I Believe Broke Them Up


Golden Bachelor Divorce – Here’s what I Believe Broke Them Up


In a HUGE turn of events, the Golden Bachelor couple has decided to go their separate ways.

I’m not surprised.

I remember writing about how tough long-distance love can be back in October 2023 blog post when The Golden Bachelor first aired.

What You Can Learn About Successfully Finding Love From The “Golden Bachelor”

Distance can really challenge even the strongest relationships.

When clients ask me about long distance relationships, I suggest, they want to live within a 2 hour drive or a 1 hour flight of each other.

Otherwise, its hard to sustain this type of relationship when you can’t see each other on a regular basis and this is part of what I believed happened to The Golden Bachelor Couple.

In addition, they both were very rooted in their communities with families, friends, jobs and activities.

Its really hard to uproot at this time your life and start over even when you’re in love.

You’re choosing a person you barely know over people and a community you’ve lived in for a very long time.

Talk about getting out of your comfort zone!!!!!

That being said, there are things The Golden Bachelor couple did right but between the distance and falling in lusty love versus giving love a chance to really grow became a set up for failure.

Its the biggest issue I find with Reality TV.

It’s so easy to fall in love but falling in like and being able to work through the ups and downs a couple faces is hard to create after knowing each other less than a month.

Yep, that’s how long the Golden Bachelor filmed.

And there is no way in a months time filled with a couple of Hollywood fantasy dates that you could really get to know how living life together will work out.

And its even harder when you’ve had to hide your love until the show aired.

It’s challenging trying to build a relationship while mostly connecting through phone calls and FaceTime while keeping everything a secret.

The whole thing makes for exciting TV but is a set up for failure and a lot of broken hearts.

It takes time to develop real love but it is possible.

And hopefully, these two will split amicably and go on to use what they learned to find partners who live within 30-50 miles and share lives more closely aligned to theirs.

I want to leave you with hope that love is possible after 50.

Check out this short You Tube Video with my client, Ginny who shares her journey of love after 50.

P.S. Since we filmed this video, Ginny and her fiancé have been together for two and a half years and recently got engaged and plan to marry this year.

Love is POSSIBLE after 50!!!!

Believing in You!


Your Next Steps to Love after 50. . . .

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