Is this Over 50’s Guy Relationship Worthy?

Is this Over 50's Guy Relationship Worthy?


Is this Over 50’s Guy Relationship Worthy?

There are lots of men to date on both dating sites and in real life.

Some are relationship worthy and some are not.

The sad thing is you can’t always see the good guys because some of the bad guys feel so exciting to you.

So I thought I’d share a couple of types of men with you –  so you know who to look for and who to stay away from if your dream is to be in a long-term relationship this year.

Let’s start with the . . .

The Intellectual Man

You gotta love the stimulating conversations you can get into with this type of man.

The problem is, this man lives in his head most of the time.

He’s fun to talk with about politics, art, or philosophy but when you need a shoulder to lean on for emotional comfort, he may not be capable of being there for you.

I know a lot of women who married men like this because they loved intellectual stimulation.

Over time, they ended up feeling rather lonely in their relationship with this type of man.

They missed having a true heart connection.

If you’re run by emotions this guy is NOT a good fit for you.

Now if you’re turned on by his intelligence and have a support system for when times get rough-go for it!

The Bad Boy

I had a bad boy in my life at one time.

That man could make my heart skip a beat.

He had the ability to make me feel like I was the only woman in the world for him.

His words were exactly what I needed to hear at the time so I fell hard for him!

And I ended up getting hurt, big time!

This guy is NOT a good boyfriend.

He knows what to say but his actions don’t match his words.

He’s sexy and women fall all over themselves trying to meet him.

He loves the hunt but once he’s caught his prey, he gets bored and moves on.

I know you may love his words and I know the chemistry with this guy will feel amazing while he’s with you.

But trust me from experience. . . . he’s not relationship worthy.

The Project Man

Lots of women love this man.

He’s a project and what woman doesn’t like a good project in her life?

You can clearly see his potential.

And you can mold him into exactly who you want! Right?


This man has a lot of troubles that most likely revolve around finances and ex’s.

In their own way, they are the male version of a drama queen.

Having been drained by life, they have very little to put into a relationship.

Instead of dating, he should be focusing on getting his life together.

Yet, he goes on dates ultimately turning to a woman who can help him out and take care of him.

Women love this type of man because we were taught to be givers and that makes us feel good about ourselves.

But the Project Man is a taker and can end up draining you emotionally and financially.

NOT good boyfriend potential.

The Man Just Out of a Relationship

This guy is out there dating before his divorce is even final.

Not the best catch.

I’ve found they are often still emotionally attached to their wives whether or not they want to admit it.

I’d suggest staying away from this man until he’s divorced and the cords from his previous relationship have but severed.

Separated men have been known to go back to ex’s even while in a relationship with someone else.

The Nice Man-Average Joe

He’s the guy you might not feel instant chemistry with.

But in reality, he’s the one who will probably make the best long-term boyfriend for you.

If he’s cute in your eyes, give him a chance even if you’re not feeling the chemistry yet.

Chemistry can grow over time.

This man truly wants to please you and make you happy.

As time goes on, he’d have your back and do anything humanly possible to be there for you.

It may take some time for the chemistry to kick in with a man but he’s so worth getting to know if he has everything on your Quality Man Template!

I’ve talked about this in other blogs.

It’s a Template I help women create to attract good men that will truly make them happy!

It’s like an order to the Universe for who will make your heart sing.

If you want to know more about how you can create a Quality Man template, head to Talk to Lisa, tell me a little bit about your dating life and we’ll set up a complimentary session for us to talk about how you can find the right man for you in 2022!

If it wasn’t for Lisa’s program, I’d have passed up my guy

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Believing in you!!!!!



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