4 Ways to Invest in Your Marriage When You’re Exhausted

4 Ways to Invest in Your Marriage When You’re Exhausted


Some articles estimate that a middle-class American works more than a Medieval peasant. While my brain stretches to imagine how that is possible when one had to scrub clothes against a washboard or prepare dinner by first taking the life of an animal rather than defrosting something, there are some historians out there with striking evidence. Whether or not we modern people have added more to our workload or not, it is safe to say most of us are indeed exhausted.The sad reality is that most of us get exhausted while trying to care for our families, yet tiredness is a bit of a danger in and of itself for family life. Exhaustion can be especially concerning for marriages. When we are tired, we are more likely to snap with impatience. When I’m completely spent, I fail to see opportunities to encourage my husband—or worse yet, I fail to see how my exhaustion-fueled negativity is burdensome.There are seasons of life when you are juggling babies, graduate studies, and late-night second jobs. Then there are the kids’ music and sports practices, elderly parents who need care and tending, demanding careers, and never-ending yard work, fix-it repairs, or house chores that need doing. There truly is no end to the work and care required of us. And somehow, while we are doing our best to take care of everyone, the care of our marriages can slip away from us.While it is easy to fall into this trap, it doesn’t have to be the final word for our marriages! Here are some investments you can make in your marriage when the money is tight, the time is gone, and your energy is low:Photo credit: ©GettyImages/diego_cervo