5 Signs the Person You Love Is a Narcissist

Does God Want Me to Stay in an Unhappy Marriage?


A fifth tell-tale sign that the person you love is a narcissist is if they seek to control you. Similar to the last point, narcissists want to control others.

They do not care about your own well-being, nor do they care about your mental health. In order to get what they want, they will do anything and everything. As one can see, this is very dangerous and not real love.

Nobody should control you. The only person that is in charge of you is you. Don’t give that power away to someone else. You might be caught up in the bliss of a false hope of love right now but know that this feeling will pass.

A narcissist will never be able to be the partner that you need. Instead, they will do many things that will hurt you, cause you to question yourself, and make you feel you are not good enough.

If you find yourself in a place today where you are certain the person you love is a narcissist, it is time to end the relationship. This person will never truly be there for you, love you, or be the husband or wife God intended for you to marry.

If you are already married to this person, encourage them to seek out help. If they are not willing and they have been abusive to you in any way, it might be time to end the marriage. God does not want you to endure abuse for any reason.

There is hope for a better life, but it will never be found in a relationship with a narcissist. The five tell-tale signs to watch out for are if they don’t care about you, they don’t help you, they forget important events, they love bomb you, and they seek to control you.

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