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“Enjoy sex with your own wife. May the wife that you married when you were young continue to give you joy. May she be as pretty and beautiful as a young deer. May her breasts always make you happy. May she love you in a way that gives you joy.” (Proverbs 5:18-19)

Pornography is sneaky because people often engage in it in the dark, it has an addictive nature, and it creates unrealistic expectations of what sex within a marital relationship should be. Pornography does not paint a picture of a healthy, loving sexual relationship. At best, it stirs up lustful passions within those who watch it, which can lead to other issues such as masturbation, adultery, or unfulfilling sexual intimacy. It becomes unfulfilling not because of your spouse but because you have expectations that no one could ever fulfill.

A healthy and satisfying sexual relationship is based on mutual love, mutual respect, and a mutual desire to satisfy each other. None of these things are present in pornography. When you bring these ideas into your marital bed, you set yourself up for failure.

One of the great joys of marriage is being able to express yourself sexually in a relationship with someone that you know loves you and cares about you both inside the bedroom and outside the bedroom. No type of pornography could ever duplicate that level of desire, expression, and communication.

As a married person, you don’t need pornography to enhance your sexual experience because it won’t. If you invest the time with each other and learn to communicate whether you are in the bedroom or outside it, that will allow you to create more enjoyment than any pornography ever could.

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