Get Back on Track During Conflict

Get Back on Track During Conflict


Even in a healthy relationship, mistakes, carelessness, and conflict are inevitable. The right repairs at the right time can make all the difference. ⁠

Resolve disagreements and get your message through by finding common ground, sharing when you feel persuaded, and stating when you need to take a break or when you feel that you’re both moving towards a solution.⁠

Getting Back On Track During Conflict: Pause, Rewind, Repair

I just need this to be calmer right now 
Can I take that back?
I need your support right now 
Can we take a break?
Let me try again
I’m sorry
I really messed up, I can see my part in this
I want to say this more gently but I don’t know how
I know that this isn’t your fault
Thank you for…
I understand
I love you

Together, you can get back on track during conflict.⁠

Repair is one of the best tools a couple can have at their disposal. Learn how to use repairs in the Relationship Coach: All About Conflict.

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