Happy New Fears – Susie & Otto Collins

Happy New Fears - Susie & Otto Collins


No, we don’t mean “Happy New Year” that most of us say to others this time of year!

With the “Happy New Year” greeting, we’re not only wishing the person happiness in the coming year…

But what’s also implied is the desire that the person’s dreams and goals be realized.

As you may have seen in yourself…

With new dreams and goals usually come new fears (or old fears resurface).

These fears are waiting at the open door to yell (or even constantly whisper) something like this…

“You’re not good enough.”
“You’ve never been able to do this and it won’t happen now.”
“This is too hard.”
“You can’t have that even though others do.”

If you listen to them, it can hold you back from what you say you want.

Susie remembers being encouraged to apply for the library director job at a university in a nearby town many years ago.

She remembers the excitement of thinking about doing the job that she felt very qualified to do…

But she also remembers the fears that came up about being in a new situation and doubts that she could deal with the “politics” that would eventually surface.

So yes, it’s normal for fears to come up when you’re saying “yes” to a new goal or a new relationship.

Before you allow your fears to overwhelm you, here’s a different perspective to consider…

–What if you could celebrate your new fears?

–What if you could celebrate the fact that you could see, feel and acknowledge the very thoughts getting in the way of what you want?

When you try to hide your fears and pretend they aren’t there…

There’s an underlying dark current that can sabotage your actions.

Instead, you can welcome the fears like you would a stranger with important news to share.

Here’s the deal…

Fears are simply thoughts coming up in the moment…

And you can decide to believe them or see them for what they truly are and take a step toward what you want.

When you bring your fears into the light, you can see whether they actually have substance or not (they usually don’t)…

And if you look beneath the fear, you can recognize a knowing whether the course you want to take is right for you or not.

The truth is that so many of our fears are about the future which is up for grabs…

Or about not repeating the “mistakes” of the past.

The truth is that we don’t know the future and anything is possible.

Susie did take the library director job and was there for 7 years.

Did more fears come up in various new situations?

Of course but she had a knowing that she was where she needed to be at that time and nothing else mattered.

Even though fears are “normal” when you have a new goal, they don’t have to rule your present or your future.

They can point the way to what needs to come into the light and be let go.

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