How to Create a Life and Relationship Fresh Start in the New Year

How to Create a Life and Relationship Fresh Start in the New Year

If you want a life and relationship fresh start…

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself that will determine your personal happiness in 2022 and beyond is your answer to the question…

How would you would like your life and relationships to look in this new year?

Surprisingly, the question is not about how your relationship, marriage and even your relationships with friends, family or co-workers compare to others.

That would be useless.

That’s the comparison trap.

That is a long, dark, dusty road to nowhere but pain, judgment and disappointment.

What we’re talking about is being conscious about where your compass is pointing and what your intention is for your life and relationships in the coming year.

Although we can never be sure what the future holds for us, we can point in the direction we want to go and watch for opportunities that come our way that align with that intention.

And then take action

And the opportunities will appear.

Take Otto for instance…

His intention for 2022 is to return to the vigor of his 25 year old self.

You might think that’s a tall order for a 59 year old but what this intention does is inspire him to take steps toward better health without the stress of the “shoulds.”

He picked up a couple of books at the library that had healthy recipes in them and is listening to longevity pod casts.

He’s not putting pressure on himself to make a lot of changes but is rather opening to opportunities to seeing something new.

And then taking action that feels good to him and not forced.

He’s paying attention to when his thoughts go down the road of how it’s not possible for him to get healthier…

And seeing the truth of it…

He may not get his 25 year old body back but he can sure steer that way.

His compass is headed in the direction of a healthier, more vibrant body and mind.

So if you’d like a renewal and deepening of love in your life or whatever you want more of…

Start with allowing your intention to bubble up inside you.

–It might be better communication with certain loved ones for your relationship to get a fresh start.

–It might be learning how to trust yourself more and be more loving toward YOU.

–It might being kinder to others but still being clear about what you will and won’t do.

Get quiet and allow what you really want to surface…

Without all the stories about what others are doing or not doing.

When you’re not embroiled in your stories, what YOU want becomes clear.

When your stories and beliefs that don’t serve you aren’t clouding your thinking and actions…

You do see opportunities that will lead you in the direction you want or something much better.

Use the beginning of this new year for allowing a better life and relationships to happen.

If you have a question about creating a life and relationship fresh start, contact us here…