One of the Big Pitfalls of Fuzzy, Unclear Communication

One of the Big Pitfalls of Fuzzy, Unclear Communication

All too often, there’s fuzzy, unclear communication that’s hard to figure out with those we love…

Then we’re shocked and upset when our relationships aren’t as close and as loving as we would like them to be.

Also there’s usually a lot of blame flying around on both sides.

One of the biggest things that causes fuzzy, unclear communication is our assumptions.

We assume that people know what we want, what’s important to us and what we expect from them.

But unfortunately, most people aren’t psychic and don’t already know what you mean when you aren’t clear.

This way of communicating becomes an unconscious habit and it’s as if both people are reading from a script.

We erroneously think and believe that the other people in our life that we’re trying to communicate with understand what we we’re thinking, what we mean and what’s important to us without us ever having to say anything.

And this is often what the other person is thinking as well.

But clarity and understanding can start with you.

One of the best tools you can pull out of your toolbox that can almost immediately help you make communication and your relationships better is one word with three simple letters…


  • If you are unsure if someone understands you–ASK.
  • If you’re not sure what someone means when they say something–ASK.
  • When you want something from someone and you’re not sure they will give it to you–ASK.
  • If you’re unsure how important something is to someone-ASK.
  • If you want help with something–never assume another person will know you need help–ASK.

If you never ASK, you won’t understand.

And if you don’t understand, a separation between the two of you is created that’s difficult to bridge to the love and connection that’s available to all of us.

We have to be clear and we have to take responsibility for being clear. And if the other people in our lives aren’t clear, our job is to help them to be clear so that you both understand.

That’s love.

If you’re unclear how to fix your communication in your relationship, ask your question here