What Else Is Obvious that We Can’t See?

What Else Is Obvious that We Can't See?


Last week, after finishing cutting my hair, my barber handed my eye glasses back to me and I was embarrassed by what happened next.

I told him this…

“These are the WRONG glasses. THESE aren’t mine. Mine don’t have this red stripe on the sides of the frames.”

He assured me that they were indeed mine and said…

“There, put them on and see if they’re yours.”

Sure enough, the glasses were mine.

Somehow, I’ve worn these glasses for a year and a half and have never noticed the red stripe on each side of the frames.

I’ve looked at them as I’ve put them on hundreds of times, had pictures taken of me wearing these glasses…

And I’ve looked right at them while I’ve cleaned the lenses multiple times a day for a year and a half.

How could I possibly NOT see the red stripe that made me think these weren’t my glasses?

How could I miss what was so obvious?

And then I had the thought…

“What else is obvious in my life that others see that I’m blind to?”

THIS is such a good question and I’m still working on my answers but here’s what I can assure you…

The kind of thing that happened to me is also happening to you and everyone else just as often in all parts of your life.

No matter whether it’s about love, relationships, money, success, our addictions or anything else…

We just don’t see it…

Until we do…

Even when it’s been obvious to everyone else all along.

So what does this mean for my relationships?

–It reminds me to look beyond my pre-conceived ideas of my perceptions and what appears to have been said or I thought happened.

–It reminds me to ask for clarification when I feel myself blaming and judging.

–It’s just a reminder that I don’t always see the big picture (or what’s right in front of my face).

–It reminds me to allow love to take over.

What about you?

What may you not be seeing that’s getting in the way of love?