10 Epic Gift Baskets for Men (+ Free Printables!)

10 Epic Gift Baskets for Men (+ Free Printables!)


gift basket Ideas for men

Why are men so hard to buy for? If you’re here for that answer, I don’t have one. I have something even better … a gift idea he’s going to love! Whether you’re looking for a gift basket for your boyfriend, fiancé, or spouse, we’ve got the perfect idea for everyone.

Gift baskets for men are such a great concept because you can give them a little bit of everything. We’ve also come up with an adorable, brand-new gift basket idea for you that includes free printables to make your life even easier! Plus, this post has 10 ideas in all, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your man.

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“You are my Everything” gift basket Idea

Cute man-approved gift basket idea with free printable gift tags and gift suggestions | The Dating Divas
“You are my everything” gift basket idea with gift suggestions perfect for husband or boyfriend

The “You are my…” Gift Basket is a fun way to describe all the things your spouse is to you!

This is probably my favorite gift basket idea EVER. It’s just perfect for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or a sweet little just because gift. It is easy to put together and still so sweet and sentimental. What better way to reveal to your hubby that he is ABSOLUTELY everything to you?

Our darling printables come with 20 tags, each with a unique gift idea. Feel free to use all the ideas, or whichever ones stand out to you! This gift basket is totally customizable to be large or small. Of course, we’ve got you covered with gift ideas, whatever you choose to do!

Woman with free printable gift tags and gift basket for men idea | The Dating Divas
Woman holds “You are my everything” gift basket for spouse

The tags were created with these simple gift ideas in mind. Use these ideas or come up with some of your own! The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity flow!!

"You are my favorite," "You are my sunshine," free printable gift tags for  a man gift basket | The Dating Divas
Free printable gift tags for a gift basket for your man, including “You are my rock,” and “You are my sweetheart”

Grab your free printable gift tags below and get gifting! It’s that simple!!

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“You are My Everything” Gift Basket

Printables Designed by Nichelle Exclusively for The Dating Divas

more gift basket ideas for men

We’ve added even more great gift basket ideas for men below! These are full of cute ideas to use instead of a basket. Keep in mind that you can always keep it simple and use gift boxes, or even a simple gift bag!

1. Slippers Gift Basket: I don’t know if it gets cuter or cozier than this idea of stuffing a new pair of slippers full of treats!

Gift basket for men idea: slippers full of treats  | The Dating Divas
Gifts included in slippers as a perfect gift basket idea for your man

2. Grill Basket: For the BBQ lover, this basket has everything he’ll ever need!

Gift Basket for BBQ and Grill Lovers | The Dating Divas
BBQ Grilling Gift Basket for Boyfriend

3. Baseball Basket: Perfect for the sports lover! It can be customized to any sport or team! For the younger gals looking for gift ideas, this is a great option as a gift basket for your boyfriend.

Gift boxes for men: sports-themed basket idea | The Dating Divas
Baseball-themed gift basket idea for a man

4. Handyman Gift Basket: Is this a thoughtful gift or a nice way to help your honey with his (or your) to-do list? Either way, it’s a winner.

Handyman Gift Basket Idea | The Dating Divas
Handyman Gift Basket for Boyfriend

5. Gamer Gift Basket: Does it get any better than this one? Perfect for the gamer husband, this box has more adorable free printables to give your gift a little something extra!

Free Printables for a Gamer Gift Basket | The Dating Divas
Gamer gift basket perfect for a gamer boyfriend or husband

6. Commuter Gift Basket: How cute is this idea for the hubby who has a long commute to work every day? I love this way of acknowledging what he does while also making his drive just a little nicer.

Commuter Travel Gift Basket Set for Your Man | The Dating Divas
Commuter Gift Basket Idea

7. Dollar Tree Car Wash Gift Basket: Affordable and functional—what more could you possibly want?

Car Wash Gift Basket using Dollar Tree Gift Ideas Perfect for a Husband | The Dating Divas
Dollar Tree Car Wash Gift Basket Idea for a Man

8. Night In Gift Basket: Throw in a handmade invite to get cozy, and this gift basket is perfect for a night at home.

A Cozy Night In gift basket idea | The Dating Divas
Let’s Stay Home Gift Basket Idea

9. Pancake Gift Set: I love this one for how versatile it is—fill it with his favorite breakfast foods and serve it up alongside breakfast in bed!

Breakfast in Bed Gift basket for man | The Dating Divas
Pancake gift basket ideas for men, husbands, or boyfriends

Are you just bursting to go put together a gift basket now? Don’t wait for the next holiday or reason why… make one for your love, just because!