Ask The Universe For A Sign

the art of intuitive decision making


Ever ask the Universe for a sign? If you’re struggling with intuitive decision making and a big life choice, this magical method helps! Discover this simple way to tap into your intuition, gain clarity, and make that important choice wisely!

Find out all the steps and hear several stories about how it worked for me in this first episode of the Breathe Love & Magic Podcast. Enjoy!


A Magical Revelation

A magical revelation - spiritual podcast

Last year I had a major revelation. After I began working with an alchemy coach, I discovered my life had been steeped in magic for years, although I never realized it. I didn’t consider that what I was doing to be real magic.

However, I got a big surprise working with this coach! Turns out the little songs I’ve been writing and singing, the meditations I did and other little rituals, are all magical. I had no idea! It’s just what I did on my own over the years.

Right now, it seems the world could use a bit more love and magic don’t you think?

This would help lighten the energy and create a greater sense of mystical fun and empowerment. Knowing there are things you CAN do to change your life and attract what you want impacts how you live.

To me, magic encompasses a lot of different things. For example, magic is finding a four-leaf clover or watching a rainbow appear. It’s about synchronicities, manifesting, and epiphanies.

Magic is your connection to all that is divine.

Remembering what magic means to you and harnessing that keeps it alive and fosters it’s growth. This is why I have created the Breathe Love and Magic podcast – to bring more attention to magic so that it can flourish, so love can flourish and so you can flourish too.

Please feel free to share how magic plays a role in your life in the comments section.

Why I Use Intuitive Decision Making

why I rely on my intuition to make decisions

One of the many magical tools I’ve been using for a long time is for decision making. When faced with a difficult decision that I feel unsure about and don’t know which way to turn, I want to go within.

That’s why I turn to the Universe for help! If you struggle with making major decisions and knowing what is for your highest good, this the way to go.

Normally, I’m very decisive and usually have no trouble knowing the right choice for me quickly. However, there are times when emotions get in the way. That’s when I just can’t settle down to get clear.

Somehow, I get caught up in all the stories or options and don’t have the clarity needed to make a proper choice. Has that ever happened to you?

Asking for a sign can be extremely helpful when making big life decisions. That’s when you especially want to choose wisely.

Asking the Universe for a Sign

the art of intuitive decision making

The first time I asked for a sign, I was struggling to decide if I should move to the city where I now live. It was crossing into the next county and even though it wasn’t that far, I’d be driving more.

I struggled looking at the pros and cons and asking friends what they thought. I got so tired of trying to figure out what was for my highest good and felt terribly confused!

Then, the idea came to me to ask the Universe for a sign. If it was right for me to move to this new town, I wanted to see a bright pink rose within 24 hours.

2 Things About Asking for a Sign

  1. Choose what sign you want to see and what it means. In this case pink roses meant I should move. Don’t just ask for a sign and hope to see something because you won’t know if you saw a sign or not or for that matter, what it means. Being specific is extremely important.
  2. Set a time frame. If you leave it open ended, you could deliberate about your decision forever and you won’t be able to move forward. Again, being specific makes the difference in your sign being helpful and timely.

Once I chose my sign and timing, I went about my day. At noon I got in my car and drove to pick up my friend Kim for lunch. On the way there that sunny June day, I saw an avalanche of pink roses spilling over a white picket fence.

So picturesque! It literally looked like a Martha Stewart magazine cover. Trouble is, they weren’t quite the right pink I had in mind and I had to be 100% sure. While abundant and colorful, those roses were too pale.

I said out loud, “Not the right pink,” like a defiant child dismissing the remarkable bounty of pink roses. Was I being too picky?

When I arrived at Kim’s, I parked and walked in to see her. She wasn’t quite ready, so I took a seat in the lobby. Glancing over at the coffee table, I noticed a magazine.

What was on the cover? One giant pink rose filling the entire cover, and the exact, perfect pink! There was no denying the pink rose this time around – I knew I was moving!

Let Go to Get Your Answer

What is so awesome about asking the Universe for a sign is you can finally let go! You just give it up to the Universe. If you don’t see the sign within the time you’ve chosen, then you know the answer is “no”.

The only way this can work is if you are willing to actually let the Universe decide. That means when you see the sign or don’t, you honor the message and follow that.

If you go against it, that is another choice, but it’s all on you. In that case it will be hard to say if it’s for your highest good or for your ego’s.

That’s why when I ask the Universe for a sign, I do my best to follow through on the answer. This has never failed me.

Another Sign from the Universe

how to use intuitive decision making

Here’s another example. I was freelancing for a marketing agency and I had a colleague who started his own company. I couldn’t decide if I should go in with him. I wracked my brain and asked all my friends, but there was no obvious choice.

Then I remembered asking the Universe for a sign. This time I chose a yellow tulip as my “yes” answer to stop freelancing and work with my friend.

However, I didn’t want to see a real tulip in the ground, but some other kind. It was April and seeing a yellow tulip in a flower bed was too easy. Again, my requested timing was 24 hours.

On this same day, for some reason, I had to see someone in the other building the agency held across the street, which I had not been to. As I walked down the hall to find the person I needed to speak with, I wasn’t thinking about my decision.

Getting the Answer

Finding the woman, my answer became obvious! To my amazement, there was a bright yellow neon tulip sitting on her desk! I laughed out loud because that was my answer. I was going to work with my friend.

In hindsight, this was the best possible move. Many positive changes came from the new situation. Even though I only stayed one year, it was a completely pivotal period of time in which my life changed dramatically.

Working with my friend gave me a safe haven for all that to transpire. There was no way I could have known about these changes beforehand and things would not have worked out the same if I continued freelancing. But the Universe knew the best choice for me!

This is why I feel such a deep affinity for this type of decision making. We can’t know everything. Relying on spirit, the Universe, or magic, whatever you call it, makes the difference and guides you in the tough choices life presents.

Intuitive Decision Making for Relationships

how to use your intuition for your love life

My third example of asking for a sign was another big life decision. Back when I was dating my husband for 6 months, I had made the massive mistake of telling him I loved him first. And he didn’t respond! Several months went by and I felt like an idiot.

What a foolish thing I did sharing my feelings first. It was torture hoping every day might be the one where he would finally say those important words every woman longs to hear.

At 40, I thought things would move more quickly, but that was not the case. And I wanted to marry. So, I decided the only thing to do was breakup with him, because I wanted a man who could tell me he loved me. The hardest decision I ever made – it was so awful! So heartbreaking to leave him but that is what I did.

The day after we broke up, Paul called me and asked if I was going to just throw away what we had. I said, “As soon as you tell me you love me, we’ll get back together. Otherwise, I have to move on.” He didn’t say it.

He did make his case and I was moved that he fought for our relationship. I suggested we take two weeks to think about things and then get together to talk about it. I had to travel for business and visit my parents in Florida. He agreed.

Ask for a Sign about Love

Before I left on my trip which was in February, I decided once again to ask the Universe for a sign. I chose a blue bird, stated it couldn’t be a blue jay (that was would be too easy in the northeast), and set the timing for two weeks, before I returned home.

On the last day visiting with my parents, I saw an enormous gray bird in the backyard. It looked like it was three feet tall and was so stately. I asked my Dad what kind of bird that was. He told me it was a blue heron!

Even though the bird wasn’t blue in color, it still was called a blue bird. And I decided to give Paul three more months to see if he would come around. My father suggested that timing which felt right.

That was the end of February which made the new time limit for him to tell me he loved me Monday of Memorial weekend. This was my secret – I didn’t tell him about this or pressure him further.

Time Was Running Out

time is running out

Fast forward, there we were Monday of Memorial Day weekend and although he didn’t know it, the clock was ticking down on our relationship. As far as I was concerned, this was my line in the sand.

I’m big on setting limits and having firm boundaries. He’d been given a fair chance and it didn’t look good for us. He still hadn’t told me he loved me.

Then, as the clock struck 6pm, Paul told me he loved me! It was magical – as if he knew the grains of sand in the hour glass had just run out on our relationship. He waited until the last possible moment without consciously knowing the timer was set.

Of course, I was greatly surprised and totally thrilled. He managed to make it by the skin of his teeth as they say. Amazing and super magical!

Once he said he loved me, it was like the damn broke on a river – he started saying it all the time, several times a day. A few weeks later I told him about the count down and how he saved our relationship. We both had a good laugh.

When the Universe Doesn’t Respond

when the universe doesn't respond

When you ask he Universe for a sign, you are partnering with the Universe for your big life choices. Rely on this magic if you don’t know which way to turn, feel confused, or just can’t seem to decide.

I will also tell you there have been times when I never saw a sign. One time I wanted to complain to my neighbors about how their dog always pooped in my yard and I was tired of it.

Yet, I had an eerie feeling this was not such a good idea. Normally I speak up and address things, but our driveways are practically touching, so our homes are close together. If we ended up in a fight, not speaking to them would have been terribly awkward.

I asked the Universe to create an opening in our conversation if it was the right thing to bring this up. I selected a week for this to happen in and as it turned out, there was never a natural opening to bring this up.

I realized it must not be the right thing to do. It was very hard not to speak up. However, as it turned out their dog was quite old and passed away a short time after. I certainly didn’t wish harm on the dog or my neighbors!  It’s just happened.

Here’s the interesting part. When they got a new dog, they always kept it on a leash vs. letting it run free. This would have been too difficult with the old dog. Thankfully, I hung in there and the problem resolved itself.

How to Ask for a Sign

If you want to try this bit of magic, here’s how to ask for a sign:

  1. State the yes/no question you want answered. Be specific because there will not be an explanation.
  2. Select the sign you want to see. Pick the color, size, or any other important details.
  3. Choose the timing – when you want to see the sign by? Set a limit.
  4. Be patient and wait until the time you set has expired. My advice is to keep the timing short.
  5. Follow the message you get even if you get nothing which means the answer is “No”.

There you go – that is the magic of asking the Universe for a sign. This intuitive decision making process has never let me down. I’m confident it will be of great use to you for those choices that are so difficult to make.

Single for too long, Ronnie wanted to find love. She put her skills from personal development and her spiritual path to work, dating 30 men in 15 months to meet her adorable husband Paul. Discovering the keys to manifesting and midlife dating, she founded It’s Never Too Late to help smart, successful women find love or live an empowered and magical life. Ronnie Ann Ryan, MBA, CCC, is a Certified Coach who has helped 1,000s of midlife women with her Love & Magical Life Coach services. She’s the host of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast and has been featured on NBC, ABC, & Fox News, NPR, BBC, eHarmony,, and Connecticut Magazine among others. Also, Ronnie is the author of 6 books which are available on Amazon.