3 Common Dating Tips You Should NEVER Listen To

dating tips you should never listen to


How can you spot the difference between expert dating advice that will help you find love and bad dating advice that does the total opposite?

First, I want you to think about where you’re getting dating tips from.

Your mom?

Your single or divorced friends?

Meet ups in fictional movies?

Or maybe you’re not getting tips from anyone and trying to navigate this whole dating thing on your own.

The problem is, some people (unintentionally) give terrible dating advice. It’s not their fault. They simply don’t know any better.

I’ve rounded up some of the most common dating tips that I want you to IGNORE for the rest of time. Act like your relationship status depends on this (because I promise you, it does).

Are you ready to discover what these 3 tips are?

Lose these tips today. Swap them for empowering dating tips that will help you get out there and attract the man and relationship you desire.

When you start receiving good dating advice, you quickly begin to recognize how crummy all the other tips are. You’ll find yourself cradling your head in your hands, thinking, “why did I EVER think it was a good idea to take dating advice from my twice divorced mother?!” Don’t beat yourself up—we’ve all been there.

But the great part is you’ve realized now. You’ve woken up. And you’re not too late to find love (it’s never too late).

Your Coach,

dating tips you should never listen to

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