9 Must Know Places for Meeting Quality Men during the Holidays

9 Must Know Places for Meeting Quality Men during the Holidays


9 Must Know Places for Meeting Quality Men during the Holidays

The holiday season often feels like one of the loneliest times on the planet when you’re single and alone.

It can feel like everyone is a couple except YOU.

The way to turn this around so you’re not alone next year is to get proactive about meeting men.

Here are 9 suggestions to get you started.

1. Sporting Goods Stores – Men are in them all the time buying themselves things like running shoes, golf clubs, weights and gym equipment.

And men love nothing more than giving advice . . . so get the conversation started by asking him questions about something you want to buy.

Once he shares his thoughts be sure to smile and thank him for his advice.

2. Friends’ holiday parties – Parties can be intimidating when you’re alone. Go up to anyone who is standing looking like they are lost.

They will be so happy to have someone to talk to and you never know you might end up meeting a great guy or making a new friend.

3. Mall shopping – Even men need to buy gifts for their families over the holidays.

It’s worth taking a look at whose around you while you’re crossing things off your shopping list.

Try the food court too.

Shopping is exhausting so you might find a few men taking a break there.

4. Home Depot or Lowe’s – Men fix things in their homes all the time and often fix things in their family’s homes as well.

See a cute guy minus the ring?

Like you would in a sporting good stores, ask him for advice.

5. Starbucks or Panera – I’ll often go to Panera or similar lunch spots and grab some lunch while working.

Lots of men do too.

Find a spot next to a man you’d like to meet and ask him how to connect to the wifi.

Questions are always great ice breakers.

6. Whole Foods – or your favorite grocery store especially around dinner time.

Single men have to eat and most don’t cook for themselves so you’ll often find them standing around the prepared foods section picking out that night’s dinner.

7. Local upscale restaurants – I can’t tell you the number of single men I’ve seen dining at the bar on a weeknight.

Go for a glass of wine either by yourself or with a friend to the kind of restaurant that people our age frequent.

Also, check out the happy hour so many food establishments offer.

8. Meetup.com events – more and more over 50 groups can be found on Meetup in person and virtually.

Also try Meetups that cater to special interests you have like Scrabble, wine tasting or dining out.

9. The best place of all: your computer – online dating is the spot to find the most single men our age.

The Bonus: you can even do it in your jammies, at any time of day or night that is convenient for you.

Have a Happy Holiday Season and stay safe!

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