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getting more oral

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Hey, what’s up? It’s Ruwando here on behalf of Gotham Club, and in this video, we’re gonna speak about how to get more oral sex. 

Everybody’s favorite thing, right? 

So something I hear from guys in relationships the most–but also just guys in regular dating situations or even first time sex–you might wonder:

“How can I encourage or how can I set up a situation where I can get more head?”

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So the first thing I want you to understand is that you can’t “make” a woman do anything.

You can ask for things, but what I want to share is how you can set up the circumstances where she’s actually going to want to give you head.

That’s the thing most guys want, right?

So I’ll show you how it’s done below:

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Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

If you want more oral, you probably don’t want to have to ask for it. 

This is true of anything sexual between men and women.

It goes both ways, obviously. 

So you can’t magically make a woman love oral sex.

But you can set up the circumstances that her will make it likely for her to enjoy it. 

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And the thing is, it can be a very enjoyable activity. 

A lot of people don’t realize that women can actually have orgasms from giving head to a man.

It’s something’s that’s not super common, but it’s a principle I’m going to get into in a bit, called “sympathetic arousal.”

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So the thing is, you want to get out of this mindset of reciprocation.

You want to get out of the mindset that she should give you head if you went down on her, or vice versa.

Reciprocation is less sexy than knowing she loves giving you head.

If she loves giving as much as you love receiving and vice versa, you never have to worry about reciprocation.

Everyone’s having a good time.

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That’s the the frame you want to bring to having oral sex in your relationship.

Because that’s what’s gonna encourage her to actually enjoy giving you spontaneous head. 

The goal here is for her to love the experience of going down on you for her pleasure. 

I mean, it’s great if she wants you to have a good time.

But it’s even better if she can get enjoyment out of giving you pleasure, and you may have experienced this too–it’s called sympathetic arousal.

A lot of our experience, especially sexually, is kind of a mirror of the person we’re with.

And you can imagine this if you’re with a woman, and she’s super turned on and she’s dripping wet, you’re more likely to get turned on.

Compare this to being with a woman who’s super closed off and not turned on, obviously, it’s not as arousing for you.

And if you ever ask a woman–especially if you’re in a relationship, and you guys are in love, or she really likes you–if you ask if she gets wet when she goes down on you, then you know this principle exists.

In fact, you may have noticed this, when you’re giving something sexual to a woman.

If you’re giving a massage or going down on her, you might notice that you get aroused from the act of giving. 

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What that is, is your body is picking up arousal signals from her body. 

And that’s what’s turning both of you on–you’re turning each other on subconsciously. 

That’s kind of where you want to be at. 

Because as I mentioned earlier, women might especially become aroused because of your male anatomy going in her throat. 

A lot of women–maybe not a lot–some women have learned to orgasm from giving head. 

Because it’s basically this principle of sympathetic arousal, where she’s to tuned into your arousal, that she gets off on going down on you.

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1) You Can’t Force Her to Love It, But You Can Encourage Her By Doing THIS…

Now if you’re in a long-term relationship where you have a lot of communication, I would actually recommend reading this article together.

Because it’s something you can work on together, and it goes both ways.

If you both can learn to enjoy giving, everybody wins.

Now short of that, there are some things you could do to encourage her.

Although you can’t force her to love anything, right? 

But you can encourage her to like it by doing certain things that will make her feel better.

One of these things is positive affirmation. 

What I mean is be vocal about your pleasure when she goes down on you, or does anything for you sexually.

You want to give her that feedback.

Like if you do something for a woman, and she moans, it feels good, right?

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That’s good positive reinforcement.

Also, if you’ve been sleeping with her for a while, it’s something you should bring up.

I mean, women especially like to hear affirmation. 

So if she goes down on you, try saying something like, “I really loved it.” 

That’ll encourage her to associate good feelings with giving you head. 

Now, if she’s in the mindset that most people are, where they think of oral sex in terms of reciprocation… you might want to model a situation where you can actually enjoy giving for the sake of giving for her.

Here’s what I mean:

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2) Set An Example (And She’ll Return The Favor)

So if you want to get more spontaneous head, one proven technique is to give her more spontaneous oral.

You know, lick her vulva, eat her out, and don’t expect anything in return. 

This will get her into the mindset of, “Oh, he did this for me, and he didn’t want anything in return… maybe he actually enjoys giving, and maybe I can also enjoy giving.”

And the most important thing here is that you’re not doing it for her to give back to you in that moment.

Maybe don’t even let her reciprocate in that moment.

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You want her to know that you enjoy giving, so that she can learn to enjoy giving too.

And then you get to that point where you’re spontaneously going down on each other, and it’s an amazing experience for everybody.

Now, although this is pretty straightforward, the biggest point I want to get to I’m saving for last.

This will prevent someone from enjoying giving of any kind in relationships.

It’s also something that happens a lot more in long-term relationships rather than short-term.

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And that is resentment. 

When someone is resentful about anything, it becomes very hard for them to feel sympathetic arousal.

Because sympathetic arousal is this thing we’re trying to cultivate, right?

Like if she gets super turned on by you being turned on, then she’s going to want to turn you on (obviously).

But if she’s resentful toward you, or if she’s judging you for something…

Or hurt by something you said a while ago…

Annoyed at something you do if you live together…

Or if you have domestic squabbles or anything…

Stuff like that is going to make it really hard for her to feel sympathetic around you (and vice versa).

And when I coach people in relationships about having a better sex life, we usually talk way more about their communication than their sexual technique.


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Because if the communication is really good, and you’re feeling each other, there’s no resentment. 

Most things feel good, and it actually feels good to give naturally. 

So if you’re with a partner, it’s really important to clear those resentments by talking things out. 

And they might be things that are completely non-sexual.

I’ve seen marriages and sex lives tank because of things as simple and stupid and cliche as dishes…

Or who takes the garbage out…

Or how someone behaves at a party together…

And stuff like that, disagreements over money or whatever, you would think they shouldn’t have anything to do with your sex life.

But there’s so much more to it than that.

And the bottom line is, if a woman feels resentful toward you–there’s no way she’s going to enjoy giving you head.

So this is not something that we can heal in one YouTube video or article.

I mean, resentments can potentially go very deep, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. 

But the main thing is to communicate anything you’re resentful about to her. 

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And once you do that, you want to set an example for her.

Show her that you can feel good by giving.

Because if she sees that, you’re going to heal your own resentments if you can really get off on pleasuring her.

If you can indulge in her pleasure, it’s going to drop your resentment, which is going to drop her resentment too.

And she’s going to see how it might actually feel good to go down on you.

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So this can be a very deep thing, but it’s also almost a magical thing. 

And I would say it’s one of the best relationship goals is to get off on giving to each other. 

It can be a lot of fun, especially when you know you can give a woman immense amounts of pleasure.

And here’s one of my favorite techniques to pull that off:

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