6 Signs that He’s Cheap

6 Signs that He's Cheap

In this blog post I will attempt to save you lovely ladies time, energy and money by identifying six key signs that determine whether or not the guy you’re dating is a cheap skate.

What he does: He approaches you in a club, engages you in a brief nonversation, then offers to buy you a drink… even though you have a freshly purchased, full glass in your hand already.

What it means: He had no intention of buying you anything – and probably never will. He probably spotted you earlier in the night and waited for you to purchase your own drink or for someone else to purchase it for you before he decided to pounce. These types of guys, if they get this far, will also take you on a date and insist that you order your wine by the glass… and not by the bottle.

What he does: He only takes you out during happy hour.

What it means: He is not willing to pay full price for your enjoyment.  He is perfectly comfortable rushing to a bar after work in order to get a few $3 drinks in before the clock strikes 7pm.  These types of men will also frequently invite you out for coffee, as opposed to a romantic dinner.

What he does: He always suggests hanging out at your house and goes out of his way to ensure that this is the only option.

What it means: He doesn’t want to spend the money required to take you on a nice date. He would also rather empty out your refrigerator than his own. These types of men have been known to purposely come up with the “I had to work late and the kitchen at the restaurant closes at 10. Maybe I’ll just come over” excuse.

What he does: He argues that Valentines Day is a commercial holiday designed by Hallmark to oblige men to spend money.

What it means: He does not want to spend money on a Valentines Day gift or a nice dinner. These types of men have also been known to break up with you just before birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

What he does: He often loses his bank card or forgets his wallet at the office.

What it means: He wants you to pay for the date, whether or not he invited you.  His wallet is probably actually in his glove compartment, with the check card in tact.

What he does: He always asks you to meet him somewhere.

What it means: He does not want to waste gas money picking you up and taking you home. He is not at all concerned with the gas money you are spending.  This type of guy is also likely to park 18 blocks away from the restaurant and force you to walk WITH him in the winter while wearing stilettos – as a frugal alternative to paying for valet service.

If you enjoy being a grown man’s sugar-mama, feel free to consort with these types of men; however if you have no such intention, RUN. FAST.