Do you feel like you are giving too much in your relationship? Do you feel like you are being used or even worse are you so exhausted from giving that you are completely drained of your energy? If so, then you may be in a relationship with a taker.

A taker is someone who engages in relationships conditionally. This means that relationships with a taker or user require your efforts, time, planning, and often money in order for the relationship to be maintained. Takers tend not to offer an element that is necessary for any healthy relationship – unconditional love.

While some takers or users may not be aware of their behavior and do not engage in taking it maliciously, some people are very much aware and have bad intentions. Regardless of the intentions of the taker though, all taker relationships will ultimately cause harm and distress to the giver. It’s no one’s job to meet the needs of another person endlessly while their own needs are ignored.

This type of exchange almost always leaves someone feeling taken advantage of and exploited. Balanced partnerships are necessary for any healthy relationship whether that is in love, friendship, or at work. That’s why I’m sharing tips on how to identify a taker and what to do if you are in a relationship with someone who is taking too much and giving too little.

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