America’s Top 10 Casual Sex Capitals

America’s Top 10 Casual Sex Capitals

Science proves getting a hot girl on top of you in bed is easier in these 10 surprising cities–discover what they are below…

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Did you know that there’s a dating app designed for people who are strictly looking for casual sex?

And no, it’s not Tinder…

Casualx is one of the apps making casual hookups as easy as a right swipe.

And it has recently released some need-to-know information about the top U.S. cities where the most women are looking for some casual fun.

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Which means that if you live in one of these cities–or if you plan a small trip there–your odds of getting laid go WAY up.

So today we’ll show you what those cities are, along with the fastest way to easily hookup with a hot girl once you’re there. 🙂

Here Are The 10 Cities Where the Most Women Are Having Casual Sex…

How did this app figure out where the most women are looking for casual sex?

Well, the founders collected data from their users… and basically, they determined the 10 cities where women are most active on the casual sex app.

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Here are the 10 cities with the most women actively looking for casual sex:

10) Orlando, FL

9) Philadelphia, PA

8) San Antonio, TX

7) Miami, FL

6) Las Vegas, NV

5) San Diego, CA

4) Houston, TX

3) Chicago, IL

2) Los Angeles, CA

1) New York, NY

Some of the cities ranked in the top 10 are unsurprising, and some are just the opposite–so what is it that makes a city more casual sex-friendly?

Well, we performed some analyses…

And discovered that all of these cities share 3 main traits, that make finding and having casual sex a lot easier.

Here’s what to look for the next time you’re really in the mood to get laid quick:

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1) Is It a Tourist Destination?

Each one of the study’s ranked cities was a top tourist destination, especially for travelers coming in from outside the United States.

Traveling creates a sense of excitement and adventure, and that can easily be translated into a casual fling with an intriguing stranger (like a sexy European woman, for example).

Tourist-friendly cities offer large populations and easy access to people who are only in town for a week. It doesn’t get much more casual than that.

In fact, characteristics of tourist destinations–like a large base of people who are united in one place for a brief period of time–create the environment that makes casual sex so natural and easy.

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Even if you are not usually the type of person who would jump right into bed with a new woman, the circumstances are different when you are traveling.

There is an overall feeling that your time is limited, and you need to make the most of what you have. Women respond to this feeling especially strongly.

Especially in top-ranked tourist destinations like Los Angeles and Las Vegas–these cities are teeming with women who are more than ready to jump in bed with the next man who gives them an invite.

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2) Is It A City City?

In truly urban cities, there are more opportunities to meet people–including hot single women.

On top of that, the culture of these larger cities seems to promote a freer lifestyle compared to cities with a sprawling suburban layout.

Each of the 10 cities on this list has a large urban city center. And some of these cities are even thought of as “smaller” (like Houston) but are expanding at a very rapid rate.

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Much of this is due to startup companies moving into these new cultural hubs.

Startup culture lends itself to a younger, more carefree population, as in cities like Houston and San Diego.

Plus, at its most basic level, an urban city with apartments stacked on top of one another packs way more people into less space.

And more options = better odds. 😉

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3) What’s The Nightlife Like?

Urban settings draw more nightlife locales to set up shop, and nightlife is essential to a city’s rank in this study.

Even just picturing a typical nightlife scene–people going out, meeting new friends, dancing, drinking, etc.–a one night stand might be the first way you imagine a night like that ending.

So it’s easy to understand why casual hookups are a symptom of a great nightlife scene.

Alcohol is usually an important part of nightlife as well, and liquid courage doesn’t hurt to loosen up a crowd.

Plus, urban settings have been proven to support an atmosphere that’s geared towards people who want no-strings-attached sexual encounters.

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In contrast, suburban cities draw families, and generally have a much calmer, low-key vibe. The excitement that surrounds going out and meeting new people is harder to feel in the ‘burbs.

The best part about those large populations is that you can truly have no-strings-attached sex without worrying about seeing the other person again (if that’s what you want).

But there’s one question I haven’t touched on yet…

How do you go about actually getting these hot girls in bed once you’re there?

sex on vacation
Even if you don’t live in any of these 10 cities, you can still get the woman you want in bed–check out how below…

The “Secret Ingredient” That Gets You Laid (Whether You’re in a Big City or Small Town)…

Yes… being in these cities does make it easier to get laid.

BUT… just because a woman is looking for casual sex, does not mean she’s going to put out once you start talking to her.

The reason is simple…

Women talk and act different from city to city… and so they respond to different things too.

Like girls in California say “hella” but girls in New York have NO idea what that even means.

But that’s OK, because there’s one language that is understood by all women, all over the world…

The language of touch.

Touch is the “secret ingredient” that gets a woman to have sex with you… because after all sex is a physical act!

And there are certain spots where you can touch a woman, that will quickly turn her on, and make her want to sleep with you… without getting you in ANY “trouble”…

Like these 3 little-known spots for example.

You can touch her here in public, or in a crowded place…

You can do it even if you barely know her…

And because these spots are CHOCK-FULL of sexual nerve-endings… (that most men have no idea exist)…

… she’ll get turned on really quick…

… she’ll start asking you where you’re staying, or if you want to come over to her place….

… and when she’s laying naked next to you in bed later that night, she’ll think it was HER idea ;-):

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