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Silicon Valley is the home to some of the world’s largest technology corporations and start-up companies, but it seems to have some technical difficulties when it comes to singles finding love. Could it be that the natural laws of chemistry and compatibility are too complex for even the sharpest individuals to crack?

The bubble of Silicon Valley has manufactured a culture of its own, almost independent from the rest of California. The unique style, pace and drive of the town’s work culture is recognizably productive but may be detrimental to the individual’s romantic life.

For those who “eat, sleep, work, repeat” in the Valley, initiating quick solutions is what they do best, but true love often has a slow build needing time commitment and patience. With the stereotypical, laid-back and fun-filled work environment, it may be hard to separate one’s work life with social or romantic life. If you find yourself relating to this point, then it may be time to take action in individualizing the two.

Silicon Valley’s demographics also play a critical role in their culture’s dating circuit. There are about 40% more single men than there are single women says data-visualization professor, Jonathan Soma. Women in the dating scene have termed the local catchphrase, “the odds are good, but the goods are odd.” Whereas a male tech-entrepreneur from San Francisco confessed, “I have a higher confidence in making another million dollars than I do in finding a spouse.” There are certainly insecurities endured by both parties and these singletons seem to be stuck on where to turn next.

The majority of individuals in the Bay Area live in the digital age and devote their lives to technology. Turning towards dating apps has been one of the more popular movements in this virtual society. But, like many of us, even the singles of Silicon Valley have come to realize that technology may not be able to solve every problem and that handing over their love lives into the hands of their very own algorithms may not be the solution.

Many believe that joining a dating app won’t lead them to their life partner, but due to the imbalanced gender ratio, this leads to high levels of competition, so downloading an app is a requirement for the dating scene to maximize one’s likelihood of finding love. “Everyone’s doing it, so should I.” But this isn’t your last resort!

Perhaps you work for a start-up and work long hours, leaving you no time to socialize. Maybe as a woman, you feel overwhelmed with dates or scrolling through endless profiles online. Or as a man, you are exhausted from having to stand out from your many competitors. It could be that you are high-profile individual who doesn’t feel comfortable revealing personal information online. Or it may be as simple as not being attracted to the ‘techy’ type. Regardless, you are still deserving of love and matchmaking could be your solution.

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