“Do NOT Talk About Sex” Plus 14 More Counterintuitive Yet Highly Effective Strategies to Make Hot Girls Want You BAD… Even If You Can’t Leave The House

“Do NOT Talk About Sex” Plus 14 More Counterintuitive Yet Highly Effective Strategies to Make Hot Girls Want You BAD… Even If You Can’t Leave The House

How to Get Laid During Lockdown & Get Hot Girls Over to Your Place (Even If You Think It’s “Impossible” Right Now)…

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Hey it’s Magic, one of Gotham Club’s experts.

Dating when you’re not getting out… 

That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s video.

I will give you a game plan to start, maintain, or grow your dating life.

Even while most of us are spending most of our time sitting on the couch…


I’ve gotten a bunch of questions lately: 

Like.. What should I be doing? 

How can I meet women while I’m stuck at home? 

And how can I manage my dating life right now?

Below, I’m going to break this down into three parts that will not only get your dating life back on track, it will make your sex life hotter than ever.

Let’s get started:


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So… first you need to think about where you are in your dating life!  

Maybe you just broke up with someone and are ready to start dating… 

Or you’ve been dating, and haven’t met someone you’re super into…

Or you’re dating someone new, but you’re each stuck in your separate homes…

I’ve got tips for you, no matter where you are in your dating life:

Stage 1: The “Meeting” Stage

This is if you are still dating around, looking for that special someone. Or those several special someones… 🙂

This is actually a great time to learn new skills to pick up women. 

So… you’re already stuck in your home. You can’t go anywhere. You have no distractions.

It’s time to up your game…

Here’s how:

  • Study: Go through some dating and seduction courses, so you can figure out what to do. 
  • Focus on You: Figure out your conversation pieces. What you want to talk to women about, and what interests you.
  • Improve your texting game.  You can practice texting your friends, and see what kinds of texts get good reactions from them.
  • You could also call your friends and while you’re talking to them, change your tonality and see how that changes their mood. (You can see if they laugh more when you talk loudly, or if they pay more attention when you speak softly…)

When you use your time to work on you, the next time you meet someone in the real world, you will come across as a very confident and superior man. 


How To Update Your Online Dating Profile For Max Success (And Why It’s SO Crucial Right Now)…

This is also a great time to create some dating profiles on phone apps and on websites. 

You can go on Tinder, you can go on eHarmony…whatever you prefer. 

I’m not a big fan of apps and I like to meet women in the real world…this is a great exercise.

First of all, a lot of places are closed, so it’s the best place to meet women right now.


Also, you have free time… so spend it getting into the habit of talking to lots of new women.  

If you don’t like them, you never have to meet up… but you just might find a few women you really like.

And remember, they’re as bored, lonely and sex starved as anyone…


Stage 2: The “Getting to Know You” Stage

This is when you have recently started seeing someone, or you have a connection with someone.

There is a lot you can do in this situation to create a connection with her, even if you can’t go out on dates!

One of the things I know that women really look for in men, especially when they start dating them, they want to see what kind of a man he is. 

How does he handle different situations? 

How does he handle people? 

This is a fantastic time to demonstrate the kind of man you are. 

The first thing is to talk to her every day. 

Mini CTA SAB direct VSL

You can talk to her over phone, texting, Skype, doesn’t matter… 

Here’s the important thing:

Do not complain about the situation. 

And the reason I say that, is most people are whining and complaining right now. 

“I don’t know what to do. The world is ending, blah, blah, blah.”

She’s heard it all. She’s tired of it. 

She wants to be with a man who can take her away from the boring reality.

Be the person who can lead her out of this, relieve her stress.

If she’s worried, change the topic… Say: “Everything will be ok. Let’s just do something fun together.”

What can you do together, that’s fun, if you’re in your separate homes?

  • You could play some kind of a game online. 
  • You both can read a book and discuss that. 
  • You can Netflix and chill together… they actually have an app for that now, so you can watch together, separately!
  • You can both try cooking the same recipe, and compare notes on how it came out.
  • You can create something together: send a photo back and forth that you take turns making tweaks to, or write a story together that you send back and forth, taking turns writing parts!

Most men won’t be doing this. It’s very different. You’re leading her out of this miserable reality and doing things with her which are unique, different, and memorable.

She will never forget this time with you, and how you made it fun.


The One Thing You SHOULDN’T Do…

There are countless creative activities you could do together… and one thing you shouldn’t.

This may seem counterintuitive… because you want this to get sexual… but DO NOT engage in sexual conversation.


If you focus too much on sex, or even talk too much about sex over the phone… the sexual tension won’t be there, because you already had your first sexual encounter, and it wasn’t in herson..

When you have too much sexual conversation before meeting the person…there’s a good chance that date will never happen. 

This is a time to create a connection…


Stage 3: The “In A Relationship” Stage

If you’re in a relationship, this is a great time.

Especially if your relationship is a little bit unsteady. 

This is a great time to revive it… 

Spend some time together, doing things you don’t usually do…

Maybe cook together. Watch some nice romantic movies together. Have a little bit of deeper conversation.

Ask her to dress up sexy for you. 

You dress sexy for her. 

Have sex! 

This is a great time to create or reignite that connection. Crisis always brings people together. 

Once again, lead her out of any stress… do fun things, play board games, put on some music, talk.

Don’t just watch TV! It’s really boring. Have a couple of nights where you say we’re not going to watch TV.  

People get bored watching TV, wander off, stop paying attention to each other… and that doesn’t end in hot sex!

You want to make sure you’re talking, and making your connection deeper…