Does He Like Me? He Calls, But Doesn’t Make Dates

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Wondering, “Does he like me?” That’s your first clue he’s probably not serious about you. Here’s my dating advice to this reader having this very problem.

he calls but doesn't ask me outHow Do I Know If He Likes Me?

“Dear Dating Coach Ronnie,

I’m confused about a fella I’m in touch with the past few months. He told me he liked me over a year ago and wanted to be with me even though I was going out with a friend of his. Just before Christmas my relationship broke up, not because of the friend, but we just weren’t getting on.

When we broke up, his friend asked me out for a drink. I didn’t because it was way too quick after breaking up – three weeks. Later I agreed to meet him, we went out and had a great night. We met another night again and things were great. Over the last month we talked nearly every day. But when it comes near the weekend, he asks have I any plans and neither of us have.

Two weeks in a row I asked him if he wanted to do something on the Sunday and he said he would if he wasn’t busy. Sunday evening came and got a call or text saying he wouldn’t be able to make it. He was busy at home and it would be late when he’d finish up his work.

What do you suggest I do? I really like him and I’m wondering does he like me? I think he has interest or he wouldn’t be ringing 5 -7 times a week or texting.

Please help!
Lost in London”

Could He Be Stringing You Along?


Dear Lost,

You ask, “Does he like me?” but the real question is would a man who likes you act this way? This man is stringing you along. If he wanted a long-term relationship, he’d want to see you on the weekends.

In fact, his behavior makes me wonder if he has another woman or why wouldn’t he spend time with you over the weekend.

He is clearly non-committal because he won’t even agree to see you when you ask him out. He says he’ll see if he’s busy. Never put up with that kind of evasive response. Either he wants to see you or not.

Then he responds Sunday night when the weekend is over saying he’s busy. Don’t believe it! He is busy – with another woman or avoiding you. Either way, that’s not how a man in love behaves.

Read more on why there are no weekend dates.

Here’s What He Really Wants

what should I do about my boyfriend

When a man calls several times a week to talk, he’s looking for emotional support. Women often feel this has meaning and assume he must be interested. Why else would he spend so much time ringing? Well, he could be…

  • Cheating emotionally without cheating physically
  • Boosting his ego
  • Enjoying the fantasy
  • Needing emotional support from a kind woman who will listen and indulge him

A woman falls for a man’s attention via telephone (text or email) because she’s hoping he’ll eventually love her. That never happens. Either a man is available and wants a relationship or he isn’t.

Men don’t change their ways and suddenly become available or the man of your dreams. A guy who is truly interested, won’t leave you hanging or wondering, “Does he like me?”

This kind of “relationship” is a waste of your precious time.

17 Signs He Doesn’t Want a Relationship

How to Handle a Man Who Doesn’t Ask You Out

if he doesn't ask you out move on1. Dump Him

If you are smart and strong, you’ll dump him immediately because you know you deserve better. You know he’s not the one and there are better men out there. As a woman who values herself, you won’t accept any relationship crumbs from a man hoping things will improve with time. Never look back because you know there is nothing there.

2. Stop Talking Nightly

If that’s too scary, then stop talking to him nightly. Just don’t answer the phone and other times pick up and say you are too busy to talk. Mix up your excuses for about a week.

If he doesn’t disappear or wants to know what is going on, say something like, “If you want to talk, let’s do it in person. Are you free Saturday night?” If he still can’t see you on the weekend, move on.

Does He Like Me or Not?

does he like me or not

So, in answer to the question of, “Does he like me?” my 20 years of experience say NO. He is using you for emotional support or to boost his ego. My bet is you want to spend time with a good man face-to-face. That makes this guy the WRONG guy.

If you are ready for the real thing, spending quality time doing fun things, sharing life, and kisses, it’s time to move on. You can’t do any of that over the phone.

Wishing you love,

does he like me



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