Escalation Without Rejection: The ‘Bad Pool’ Technique

escalation without rejection


escalation without rejection
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Today I want to show you a foolproof technique that works to get hot girls in bed, without getting you in any “trouble” along the way.

But before I get started, let me explain what I mean when I say “foolproof.”

In case you’re insulted, let me clarify that when I show you a “foolproof” plan, I don’t mean that the plan is so simple that a fool couldn’t screw it up.

Instead, I mean that a fool has already proven thes.e plans to work–that fool being Yours Truly.

And the technique I’m going to show you today is called “Bad Pool.”

Have you ever played a game of pool, and your opponent was not very good… but seemed experienced nonetheless?

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What I’ve seen some people do–my brother, most notably–is to play pool by a sort of averaging.

Since his accuracy or skill does not allow him to fire the balls at holes with impressive precision… instead, he coaxes his balls gently closer and closer to the pockets.

Which eventually–even with his mediocre skill–allows him to drop the balls into the pockets with ease.

This is certainly NOT a foolproof plan for playing pool.

Pool is a competitive game, and your opponent is hardly going to wait quietly while you gather balls in corners waiting to shove them in.

Meeting a woman, however, is not like pool.

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Unlike the game of pool, the game of attracting women is not inherently competitive.

And by that I mean:

Rarely is there another person waiting to take advantage of your lack of “skill”–unless you count the girl who’s looking for a patron.

Basically, unless you happen to be going after the only 10 in a bar of 8’s, no one is going to step on your toes or poke holes in a mediocre game.

Mostly, men who are at a better-than-average level will help you along, and men at a below-average level will usually have no bearing on your outcome.

Only “average” guys might try to get in your way, but they are usually paired off already–much as you may have been before finding this site.

But back to my point…

Here’s how “Bad Pool” translates to finding yourself a good quality woman to take home at the end of the night.

Basically, if you get very close to kissing 10 women, you will kiss one.

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If you make out with 10 women, you will get a girl home to your place–or get home to hers.

If 10 women leave your place without “giving up the goods” as we say–you will get to third base with a woman.

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And if you get to third base 10 times, you will go “full monty.”

That sounds like it means a lot of women, but if you are not an engineer, don’t do the math. It’s not real numbers.

The point is not that after 10,000 women, you’ll have sex.

The point is that if you are moving steadily in one direction, the dam will break and you will get where you are going.

So how’s it done?

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Can “Bad Pool” Really Prevent Rejection Entirely?

A good “Bad Pool” player is not trying to “sink balls,” so to speak.

He’s trying to move toward the pocket.

So don’t worry about kissing a girl you haven’t touched.

In fact, don’t think about it at all.

All you should be thinking about is talking to her.

If you’re talking to her, you should be closing the distance, and then be thinking (while talking close) about touching her.

Get your hand on her shoulder…

Get your knee against hers…

Or get shoulder to shoulder, or cheek to cheek.

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Here’s A Real-Life Example…

An example of what I mean is that if you find you cannot kiss women–it’s impossible for you!–then forget about it completely.

Get in the habit, however, of leaning your forehead against hers, or touching your nose to hers.

If you are in the habit of putting your forehead against a woman’s, you will feel when it is comfortable to do so. You will be developing a skill of reading women, and getting close to them.

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Soon, the kiss will come when you do not even expect it.

And here’s why this works so well:

Sometimes, it is your trying that screws things up. When that is the case, the mere fact that you are not trying will work in your favor–BUT not if you are standing still entirely.

With “Bad Pool,” you don’t whack the balls hard and impress your opponent with how sure you are about the shot. Instead, you tap them gingerly toward the corner so that even if you miss, that 6 ball will sit around and wait for another pass.

It’s the same with a hot girl in a bar. Instead of making yes or no moves that get you forward fast or rejected fast, you are moving forward gingerly even though you are not “trying.”

That’s the key.

You’re not hitting hard–you’re not doing things that could screw up too badly or get you kicked out of the game.

And after enough time, you’ll find that this will cause women to eagerly come to bed with you, often when you least expect it.

But what if you want to speed up the process?

escalation without rejection
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What If You Don’t Want to Play the Long Game?

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I totally get it…

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