How to Break Up with Someone KINDLY but FIRMLY (with Examples)

How to Break Up with Someone KINDLY but FIRMLY (with Examples)


Not every connection that you try to build is going to work out and that’s completely normal. But how do you break up with someone kindly but firmly? This can prove to be a more difficult task than it seems because when ending a relationship, all parties are losing something and must be present together in a moment of grief.

Letting go of someone you care about or love can be hard. Because someone is being broken up with, they may feel rejected, which can be painful and difficult to process. At times all parties agree that there should be a breakup, and it’s easy – but what happens when that isn’t the case? The truth is, breaking up is less hard to do when you show up prepared. That’s why I’m sharing tips on how to break up with someone with examples. With intention and empathy, some endings can be just as meaningful as beginnings.

**DISCLAIMER: This video is meant for breaking up relationships with someone who has shown up as a decent person, but it’s just not working out. If you are breaking up with someone because they have been physically/emotionally/verbally abusive, I highly recommend putting your safety first and seeking the support of a therapist or domestic violence group as you plan your break up.