How Do You Get A Girlfriend? 5 Stealthy Steps to Make Her Yours…

how do you get a girlfriend


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How Do You Get A Girlfriend? Follow These 5 Proven Steps…

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So you want to settle down with a particular girl you’ve been seeing or hanging out with.

This is a very common situation… but that doesn’t always mean it’s going to be easy.

First, you have to think about when to bring up the topic… and then, you have to consider how she might respond.

This uncertainty can make the entire situation very stressful… but you know what?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

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I have a proven 5-step method, that not only gets hot girls to bring up the “Where are we going?” conversation first…

But very often, it gets her to be your exclusive, committed girlfriend a lot faster than you may expect.

But before I show you my secrets & techniques, I want to introduce myself.

Hi, I’m David Dupree. As a dating coach and as part of my dating series for Gotham Club, I’m sharing my best tips & tricks to help you escalate with women. (No matter where you are right now.)

And today, I’m answering this common seduction question guys ask me all the time:

“What’s the best way to make a hot girl your committed girlfriend?”

how do you get a girlfriend

In this video, I show you 5 stealthy steps that turn her into your girlfriend, PLUS:

  • The bizarre reason why you should only see her 3x a week MAX if you want to make her yours…
  • How to get any girl to initiate the “Where are we going?” conversation that turns her into your GF fast…
  • The #1 mistake guys make that causes her to see you as “needy” or even “creepy”…
  • My secret to easily find girls who are desperate to be your girlfriend (ANY guy can use this)…

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Here’s How to Make Her Fall in Love With You Fast…

A woman will want to become your girlfriend when she feels a deep feeling of trust towards you.

Like you’re the kind of man she feels safe sharing the most intimate details of her life with.

And by far the fastest way I’ve found to get women to reveal these intimate secrets is with a free card game…

It’s called “The Deck of Destiny” and it’s simple to play.

You shuffle the deck, take turns drawing the cards, and answer the questions on the cards…

… and soon the two of you will have a much deeper and closer connection.

Why is this?

Well, it’s because the questions were developed by a team of psychologists from Stony Brook University… with the goal of making people fall in love.

(By the way, the deck of destiny is totally free, just pay a small shipping fee and you can click here now to get it.)

So when you use the Deck of Destiny with a girl, she will reveal intimate details about her life which she otherwise keeps hidden.

Which means that she will develop a deeper connection to you.

And this could cause her to want to settle down with you, and be your girlfriend, MUCH faster than it would normally take:

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on August 23, 2020.]