Your Ex-Boyfriend Won’t Go Away? Do THIS!

ex-boyfriend won't go away


There’s this strange phenomenon I’ve witnessed women go through countless times.

A woman will spend a long time in a crummy relationship with a guy who isn’t truly giving her what she needs or wants. Finally, she finds the strength and courage to leave that guy. And maybe she feels sad or lonely for a while. Perhaps she starts having some regrets about ending things.

But she stays strong.

And the more time that passes by, the more she heals her heart.

Until one day, it finally dawns on this woman what a monumental jack*ss he was.

Just like that, she stops thinking about him. She’s over it. She’s moving on with her life.

And like clockwork (honestly, you couldn’t script it better), her ex creeps back on the scene.

Stacey’s doing great now; she looks fantastic; I’d better call her…

Because somehow, he KNOWS she just stopped thinking about him. He wants to reel her back in before she’s totally out of grasp.

But WTF?!

How does he always KNOW?

Maybe you can relate to this story?

If so, here’s what to do if your ex won’t go away.

The truth of it is, an ex who does this is selfish.

He knows you weren’t happy with him and that he can’t give you what you want. But he doesn’t want you to be happy without him.

In moments like these, you have to remember WHY you ended things in the first place.

Focus on the kind of man you want to attract (hint: it’s not your ex), and don’t compromise for short-term thrills that don’t support the future you want to build.

Your Coach,

ex-boyfriend won't go away

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