How To Clear Negative Energy

learn how to clear negative energy

Today’s topic for the Breathe Love and Magic podcast is how to clear negative energy. If you are sensitive to the energy around you including other people, electronics, and the news, this is perfect for you!

The stress of daily life builds up and can take a toll on how you feel. Discover 13 simple ways to clear the energy for yourself, home, or office, so you can focus better, be more productive, more creative and feel happier.

Clear Negative Energy For Yourself, Home, and Office

Many people are sensitive to the energy around them and the stress of daily life builds up with negative energy you can FEEL.

This is especially true if you work from home. Now your work stress is not separated from the place where you live. As a result, you may notice a difference in how your living space feels to you.

Does it feel heavy, stuffy, or not as comfortable as it once did? You could be feeling anxious, restless, or worked up even if you aren’t sure why that is exactly .

Add negative energy from other high-stress factors like politics and the economy, and you start to understand the impact this can make on your energy and comfort.

Negative energy builds up and can make your mind, body, home, or office feel heavy and static, rather than open and light. How can you clear negative energy, so the supportive life forces can flow freely once again?

13 Simple Methods for Clearing Negative Energy

13 ways for cleansing negative energy

These easy techniques will help with cleansing negative energy and refresh the vibe of your work or living space, and your personal space too!

1. Clear Your Energy Field

Your energy field can develop a negative charge caused by emotional situations including interactions with co-workers, clients, family, friends, or anyone you live with like roommates.

News can also affect your personal energy. Since you live in your home, you might as well start with yourself!

Take a Bath

One relaxing way to release negative energy is to take an Epsom salt bath, known for its detoxifying properties. Soak for 10 to 20 minutes and relax while the salt does the work for you. Add lavender essential oil for a calming twist, or citrus essential oils like orange, lemon, or lime for an uplifting energy boost.

Time in Nature

Another way to refresh your energy is by spending time in nature. Walking in a wooded area will help ground and center you. Imaging feeling connected to the earth and allow excess energy to drain into the earth where it is transformed.

Hiking in the mountains can have a similar affect and connect you to the earth.

Moving Water

Being near fresh running water, like a brook or river, is wonderful energy clearing method. Moving water releases negative ions, which improve mood and eliminate excess positive ions pumped out by electromagnetic fields around you.

The ocean is also perfect for this type of clearing. The sound of the waves, big or small, rushing to the shoreline is incredibly soothing. Watching the water ebb and flow is also relaxing.

In fact, any running water will work to cleanse away too many positive ions, including rain! My friend’s husband told me he often runs in the rain for this very reason.


A long-time proven method for calming your energy field is meditation. Sitting quietly for even five minutes while counting your breaths will absolutely instill a sense of peace and calm in your body and mind.

Allowing your thoughts to float by without getting tied into them completely changes how you feel when you are done. This brings you back to your true self which is always reassuring.

2. Do a Sage Cleansing

sage cleansing for negative energy

This Native American tradition uses the smoke from white sage for cleansing negative energy in your home or body. Sometimes, a blend of herbs is used since sage only clears, but leaves the space empty. Instead, you want to finish with good vibes.

A blended smudge stick might also include juniper and sweetgrass, so while clearing the energy, you are replenishing it with good energy at the same time.

Palo Santo wood is another option that’s less smoky with a light fragrance that some people prefer. The wood comes from South America but the tree habitat is endangered, so use this option sparingly.

Smudge Your Home and Body

Start by lighting the wood or herb bundle. Then blow out the flame, so it smokes lightly as you walk around your home doing the energy clearing. You can also smudge your body, clear your personal energy field first before your home.

If you don’t have a blended smudge stick, after you finish the cleansing, walk back through the space again with some essential oils or singing a favorite song or prayer. That will fill the area with good vibes!

3. Sweep the Front Stoop

Sweeping with a broom does more than clear away dirt and debris from the front or rear entrance of your home. It’s also works great to clear negative energy.

Many Asian cultures sweep every morning to start the day fresh. This is also a Feng Shui practice for clearing and moving energy.

4. Wash Your Front Door

When you wash your front door, this simple act cleanses negative energy and clears away what no longer serves you for a fresh start. What is more welcoming than a clean front door?

Do your best to keep your front door in good repair. If painted, touch up spots so it presents your best “face” to the world. Also, if you have a wreath or decoration on your door, be sure it looks clean and fresh too.

5. Light a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamp cleansing negative energy

Rough-cut pink or peach-colored salt crystal chunks have been crafted into lamps. You can find these in specialty stores, but I’ve seen them at TJMaxx and Marshall’s and also online.

Some lamps have been electrified which makes it easy to keep it lit, but there are also options that hold candles.

Lighting the lamp warms the salt and clears negative energy in a room. Be careful with salt lamp because too much dampness or humidity can cause the salt to break down. Don’t put in water either since some of the salt will wash away.

6. Sprinkle Saltwater

Put a little water into a small bowl and add salt. Dip you fingers into the bowl and sprinkle the areas outside all doors leading into your home. Salt is a traditional energy cleansing agent that purifies.

You might also sprinkle saltwater on all the thresholds and set an intention that all who enter bring peace and joy into your home.

7. Visualize Energy Clearing

Play quiet yoga or meditation music, then sit quietly in a comfortable position. Allow your body to relax as you breathe deeply. Next, imagine that you clear negative energy away, removing all traces from your home or office.

You could visualize a special air filtering machine that removes all negativity, leaving the space clear and fresh. Or you might picture mopping or dusting to eliminate negativity.

Once completed, picture a white and gold light that moves in from the heavens to fill the space with positive vibes that nourish and support you. Visualizations like this are quite powerful.

8. Cultivate House Plants

cultivate plants to clear energy

Bring nature into your living space to generate fresh and vibrant energy. House plants are  extremely popular right now for this reason. Plants also add oxygen to your environment as they use the carbon dioxide that you expel.

If your green thumb is untested, try something easy to care for, such as a philodendron or peace lily which don’t need a lot of direct sunlight or water. If you’re a plant enthusiast, you might grow herbs too, so you can use them in cooking.

9. Work with Crystals

Selenite Wands and Disks

Crystals are basically minerals or rocks with special properties. If you want to clear negative energy from your living space or body, try a combination of selenite and amethyst.

Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone, able to sweep away negativity. Often available in bars or “wands,” you simply sweep the selenite down in front of your body, head to toe, and then the back, as best you can.

This works especially well to calm overwhelming and excessive thinking. You can also walk through your home slowly waving the selenite through the air and along the walls and doorways. Selenite not only cleanses, but also uplifts the energy of your home.

In addition, you can clear the energy of your jewelry and other crystals by placing them on the stone overnight. You can find flat disks that are perfect for this purpose or long rods.

Amethyst Points

amethyst crystals

Once you complete the clearing process, place amethyst points or tumbled stones (small pieces will do) in the corners of your most lived-in rooms, or throughout all of them.

When it comes to protection and clarity, amethyst is a true champion. To keep the crystals working, clear your amethyst weekly by submerging in saltwater. Or place it along with your selenite outdoors in the sun or moonlight for cleansing.

A word of caution – never soak your selenite in water because it will dissolve.

10. Diffuse Essential Oils

I could have multiple podcasts discussing essential oils, there is so much to talk about, so this will only scratch the surface.

One easy way to give your home a good energy clearing is to diffuse essential oils. Choose a quality brand made with an organic process to get the highest vibration possible. I use doTerra but there are others.

Try an oil like lemongrass, which is powerful, to clear negative energy, or cilantro, which detoxifies negative emotions. Melaleuca, also called tea tree oil, is ideal for cleansing negative energy and a strong cleaning agent as well.

In addition, essential oils enhance your positive energy. Try lime to promote a zest for life, cypress to foster energetic flow, or wild orange to uplift spirits and encourage abundance.

11. Wash Your Floors

Next time you wash the floors in your home, add a few drops of essential oil to the bucket to clear negative energy and support where you want to go.

I just learned about floor washing for energetic purposes, but since floors have to be washed anyway, why not do this with a conscious approach? Set your intention for the energy you want to create. I love this idea!

For example, if you want a feeling of wellness in your life, try eucalyptus. If you’ve been tired and want to feel renewed, basil is perfect.

Or, if you want to attract love and trust put a couple of drops of geranium into your cleaning solution.

12. Chant, Pray, or Sing

chant, pray, sing to lighten the energy

Almost all spiritual practices include chanting or singing along with prayer. You automatically elevate your vibration when you use your vocal cords in this uplifting, positive way.

When you speak or sing, your vocal cords vibrate to make the sound, which runs throughout your entire body. Plus, your body is made up of 70% water and as you may know, sound travels super-fast on the water.

Now, imagine walking around your home singing, praying, or chanting, and you see how you’ll be spreading those good vibes everywhere!

When I do this I even go inside the bathrooms and my closets so there are no corners left with lower level energy or without good vibes.

13. Clear the Clutter

This option brings the list to a baker’s dozen of 13. While you’ve likely heard this so many times before, I’m going to say it again. Clear the clutter! Ugh I know. For some of us, this is a tough one!

However, if you want to clear negative energy and elevate the vibration of your home or office, clean it up! Get rid of paper piles, straighten the top of your desk, and donate books you no longer need.

I have crystals, essential oils and pads of paper all over my desk, so, every once in a while, I spend 10 minutes cleaning it up. I put things away, file papers, toss some stuff, and make room on my desk.

Overtime it gets out of control. However, when I do take time to straighten up, the energy always feels better immediately. Clutter weighs you, and the energy of a place, down. Lighten things up simply by decluttering.

I’m not getting all Marie Kondo on you so don’t worry about having to throw out or give everything away. Marie takes decluttering to another whole level because in Japan, space is extremely limited.

Clutter clearing is a big part of Feng Shui because this ancient Asian art is all about energy flow. Want more flow or better energy? Clear your clutter!

Check Energy Clearing with a Pendulum

check clearing with a pendulum

Now that you have plenty of methods to clear negative energy, choose a few and clear yourself to your space. After you’re done, here is a way you can check if an area has been fully cleared.

This is a perfect task for your pendulum. Walk around the space or a room you just cleared and ask the pendulum if the energy is cleared in that space.

Watch for your typical yes answer – however the pendulum works for you. If it says no, then repeat the clearing process or choose another method to  clear the area again.

Sometimes energy can be stubborn and needs more than one pass. Check with the pendulum again. There are times when I’ve had to spend considerable time in one area that had a buildup of energy to clear it fully.

Start a Weekly Clearing Practice

Now that you have plenty of clearing options to choose from, try one or two soon to cleanse your body and purify your living space.

A weekly practice will keep the good vibes flowing. Now you also know what to do if you have a stressful day or something big happens. You can clear the energy right away instead of waiting until the end of the week or whenever you normally do clearing work.

Keeping your personal energy clear as well as your home’s will help you focus, be more creative, and experience better moods. Join the fun and start clearing your energy today!


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