Learn How & When to Be Vulnerable Using These Examples

Learn How & When to Be Vulnerable Using These Examples

When I put out my “How to Be Vulnerable & Open Your Heart in Relationships” video, many of my viewers asked me for examples of what vulnerability looked like in real-time to practice and learn how to be vulnerable. Their requests were the inspiration for this video (thank you, everyone!), which contains tools that I use to create vulnerability and strengthen connections in my everyday life.

I value these tools so much because there’s no greater joy for me than experiencing a truly vulnerable exchange where two loved ones feel safe and free to share their authentic selves – even when there’s conflict.

However, life is not black and white. It’s nuanced, and so is vulnerability. Please feel free to use whatever helps you open your heart and adopt these tools however you see fit. I hope you enjoy these examples of how to open your heart and be vulnerable.