Scavenger Hunt ideas for couples

Admit it; there’s something super fun and exhilarating about scavenger hunt ideas, am I right?! Maybe it’s the thrill of the hunt or the rush you get after solving one of the riddles on the clue card you just uncovered. Whatever it may be, it’s an activity that is sure to get your heart racing!

If you’re a fellow scavenger hunt fanatic, you’re in luck. We are taking one of everyone’s favorite activities and adding a little bit of spice to it with our Sexy Scavenger Hunt! We have some super fun scavenger hunt ideas for adults below and are including free printables to go along with it, of course. Essentially, there’s nothing better than a little hunt to rev things up in the bedroom!

Oh, and I should probably mention…YOU get the honor of being the special prize waiting at the end of the hunt!

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A man and woman on a adult scavenger hunt | The Dating Divas
Couple enjoying an adult scavenger hunt with free printables

Prepping the scavenger hunt

Alright, let’s go over how to prep this sexy adult scavenger hunt! First, you’re going to want to print all of your printables onto good-quality card stock and cut them out (linked below!)

We have included a title sign that gets pasted onto an envelope, a welcome card, and six different clue cards. Each clue has a cute little riddle that will lead your spouse from one room to another while also collecting some goodies to use for later. Wink, wink!

The final clue will show your spouse into your bedroom, where YOU will be waiting! Let’s take a further look at each piece of this scavenger hunt (for adults only) and how to set it all up!

But first, here are some additional items you will want to have on hand before beginning the hunt:

Free printable clue cards for an adult scavenger hunt | The Dating Divas
Scavenger hunt ideas for adults with clue cards

Sexy Scavenger Hunt Invite

We HAD to include a sweet and spicy invitation for you to send to your sweetie! Just download this digital invitation along with your printables below and text it to your spouse to let them know what’s in store for later…

A woman inviting her spouse to join a scavenger hunt for adults | The Dating Divas
A woman with a mobile invitation for an adult scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt Welcome Envelope

Kick-off your evening by presenting this envelope to your spouse! You can even have it waiting at the door for them when they get home if you want to keep things a surprise!

Simply paste the Sexy Scavenger Hunt label to its front and slip the “Hello Lover” card inside. This card will direct your spouse to the bathroom, where they can relax and enjoy a soak in the tub before you get things started!

NOTE: You will definitely want to prep the bath set up beforehand! Of course, you could always go a bit fancy with lots of bubbles or line the tub with some romantic candles! To each their own!

Free printable scavenger hunt ideas and clue cards | The Dating Divas
Free printable scavenger hunt ideas for adults

Hello, lover:

First you should relax in something bubbly and warm,

for our night might be long and you’ll want to be in form.

Head to our bathroom for some tranquility and peace;

afterwards you’ll feel a sense of calm and release.

Sexy Clue #1

Now that your sweetie is squeaky clean and in full-blown relax mode, it’s time to get things moving! Secure the first clue card somewhere in the bathroom where it will be seen while your spouse is soaking and sudsing: possibly taped to the mirror or fixed to the wall next to your tub! This first clue will lead them to the oven!

A man and woman enjoying a sexy scavenger hunt for adults | The Dating Divas
Couple enjoying a scavenger hunt for adults with free printable clue cards

Clue #1:

You’ve had a long week so it’s time for some fun.

Let’s go on a hunt; it’s only just begun.

Your next clue awaits you in a place that is hot –

you might use a pan in here, but certainly not a pot.

Sexy Clue #2

Attach this second clue card inside your oven…just make sure it’s off first 😉. This clue will lead your sweetie to the place where you store your lingerie! Maybe that’s a particular drawer in your dresser, a section of your closet, or PJ bin!

Scavenger hunt ideas for adults leading to lingerie | The Dating Divas
Adult scavenger hunt clue card leading to lingerie

Clue #2:

Cancel your plans, it’s time to go locate some odds and ends that we’ll need for our date.

Head to the place where I keep my nighttime attire and choose something for me that sparks your desire.

Sexy Clue #3

This third clue will be hidden inside your lingerie drawer! In addition to finding this next clue card, your spouse should also select a little something for you to slip into later. Their choice, of course!

The third clue card will lead the “hunter” to your go-to music player. That could be a portable speaker, iPad, record player, or whatever else you typically use!

Scavenger hunt ideas for adults leading to a music player | The Dating Divas
Adult scavenger hunt clue card leading to a music player

Clue #3:

Now let’s find something to set the mood – a sweet serenade you might want to include.

Go search for some music to inspire romance; a speaker or player you might find by chance.

Sexy clue #4

The fourth clue card will be secured to your music player of choice. Your spouse should also be taking this with them, just as they did with the piece of lingerie! This next clue will lead your hunter to the refrigerator for a whipped cream surprise.

Scavenger hunt ideas for adults leading to whipped cream | The Dating Divas
Adult scavenger hunt clue card leading to whipped cream

Clue #4:

You’re doing great so far, so let’s keep playing – this next clue will lead you to something worth spraying.

Go to the fridge and look for something white, for this fluffy treat will be a true delight.

Sexy Clue #5

Clue five will be attached to a can of whipped cream inside your fridge. Your sweetie will again add this yummy treat to their growing stash of goodies!

This clue will direct your spouse to your candle stash. This could be in a closet, cabinet, drawer; any place you like to store your favorite scents.

Clue #5:

The last thing we need will surely bring the heat; its scent is sensual and oh-so-sweet.

Find the place where we keep the candles, then pick some out for tonight’s scandals.

Sexy Clue #6

This last clue card will be secured to one of your fav candles! Your spouse will then choose one (or a bunch) or candles to add to their “goodie bag” of treats for you guys to use.

Clue six will lead the hunter to the bedroom where you will be waiting for them! If these Sexy Scavenger Hunt ideas weren’t foreplay enough, you guys now have some lingerie, music, whipped cream, and candles that you can use together!

Clue #6:

You’re almost there and soon you’ll get your prize! Look what you’ve collected; these will be our supplies.

Head to the room where we lay our heads to rest, and here I’ll be waiting at your request.

A man and woman enjoying a scavenger hunt for adults with free printables | The Dating Divas
Couple with free printables for a scavenger hunt for adults

This steamy scavenger hunt will surely make your sweetheart’s day, won’t it? Not to mention, you will be able to connect in such a fun and unique way! So, now that you have everything you need to pull off a super sexy adult scavenger hunt, what are you waiting for? No, seriously…get to “hunting” you two!

If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or birthday with additional scavenger hunt ideas, our romantic scavenger hunt or car scavenger hunt would be a great way to surprise your spouse!

Or, if you liked this sexy date and are searching for more ideas, check our Sexy Texty program: A subscription service where steamy yet tasteful romance ideas are sent straight to your cell phone!

Have fun!

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