The Magic of Alison Held Anderson & Healing Within

healing within


.Has your energy ever been drained by looking at social media and the surprising amount of negativity found there? Get easy tips to lift your vibe quickly and so much more in this episode.

Lift Your Energy By Healing Within

healing within

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I speak with my friend Alison Held Anderson who calls herself the Healing Within Illuminator. (I just love that!)

The conversation covers a wide range of topics including dealing with negativity in social media and taking a look at what you are broadcasting into the Universe.

I don’t know about you, but even though I avoid listening to the news to keep my energy elevated, I bump into low vibe commentary everywhere. For me, that has even been on LinkedIn, a platform for professionals which has been disheartening.

To stay balanced, we shared a few powerful and quick energy shift methods that work like a charm to help you stay elevated. These are techniques we actually use ourselves.

Alison discusses trends she has seen in her healing clients recently in both men and women. She says she’s noticed that the divine masculine and feminine energy has been more present.

Activations Help Accommodate Shifting Energies

She also talks about her channeling and that she has been offering energy “Activations” for the past couple of years which are free to people on her newsletter list. (So be sure to sign up on her website

Plus, we tackle the topic of rejection in business and dating and I talked about some trends I’ve seen within midlife men. Then we offered tips to handle hearing the word “No”. (I’ve certainly heard that in life and business more than I’d like to admit.)

There’s a lot going on in the world today and we covered a lot of ground in this episode, but all with a light touch and plenty of hope. Talking with Alison is always a pleasure and great listening as well.


Alison Held Anderson is the Healing Within Illuminator who has successfully worked with 1000s of clients on their healing journey. She has a Master of Science in Human Nutrition , is a Certified Health Coach, and has done Professional training in Functional and Clinical Nutrition with Dr. Liz Lipski.

Additional studies include a myriad of healing modalities:

  • Unity Field Healing
  • Spiritual Freedom Technique
  • Healing from The Body Level Up
  • And others which are now incorporated into her unique process.

Fun Facts about Alison

Alison has always loved food. Over the years she has cleared her food allergies to enjoy favorites that she had previously developed sensitivities to. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast skiing, hiking including Machu Pichu, and playing tennis.

Alison walks her talk. Having shifted her own limiting beliefs to experience a level of freedom, she’d love everyone to enjoy that.

I’ve interviewed Alison before, so you can listen to our previous conversation about how to reap the rewards of being a rebel and the magic of healing within here.

Learn more about Alison, healing within, and get her newsletter to enjoy her next Free Activation meditation at

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