Four-Leaf Clover Sexy Bedroom Idea for St. Patty’s Day

Four-Leaf Clover Sexy Bedroom Idea for St. Patty's Day

A Sexy St. Patrick’s DAY Four-Leaf Clover Date

A little luck of the Irish is something we could all use! Get some of your own with this shamrock-themed date night! We’ll help you prepare a special, intimate four-leaf clover game to guide your sexy time. Each special cloverleaf will build an intimate clover flower. So if your bed is shamrockin’ tonight, you’re welcome. 😉

Having fun for St. Patrick's Day might just mean a little naughty four-leaf clover date night! Can't wait to see what is in store for us. | The Dating Divas
Couple prepares a four-leaf clover intimate experience
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How to Plan a Sexy Four-Leaf Clover Date

Start your prep first thing in the morning with a sweet invitation and some even sweeter mints. We have two versions of this adorable printable for you to use. They are made to fit on a pack of Tic Tacs, but you could also use gum if your sweetie prefers that to mints. How cute is it that the “o” in “Lover’s” has been replaced with the clover flower?! I love that little touch!

Mint wrappers to share a little luck with four-leaf clovers. | The Dating Divas
Lover’s Luck four-leaf clover mint wrapper

Give your babe the minty goodness before you part for the day, then you have the promise of a fun night to think about all day long.

PRepare your Four-Leaf Clover Sexy Game

While you wait, you will want to prep for your nighttime activity. Page three has a bunch of green “hearts,” but they aren’t hearts today—they are each an individual part of the clover! Each cloverleaf has a sexy something to do during the night; we even included some blanks so that you can personalize it to your liking.

Go on, get creative and use these to add a few extra “activities” to enjoy! 😉

Four-leaf clover themed special night for 2. | The Dating Divas
Four-leaf clover sexy game

Playing your Foreplay Intimate Game

When you and your sweetheart are together again, explain the game using these steps.

  1. Lay each cloverleaf out (you choose if you want them to face up or down).
  2. Take turns choosing shamrock leaves and place them on the shamrock form from page two.
  3. When you have a full shamrock, put it into action! Do each of the tasks that made their way to your 4-leaf clover—or clovers if you do more than one round.
Plan your foreplay with this four-leaf clover idea. | The Dating Divas
Four-leaf clover intimate activity guide

As an alternative to choosing your favorites, you could add in an element of surprise! We had this green leprechaun cauldron already, so it was easy to add the sexy four-leaf clover hearts and take turns drawing one out.

Add an element of surprise with this four-leaf clover sexy idea. | The Dating Divas
Foreplay ideas for a four-leaf clover date night.

Thank Your Spouse with a Lucky Love Note

After a full night of love, give your sweetheart a note for the next day! We love surprising the people we love with special notes, so putting this in the car, their bag, or a coat pocket is always fun. In short, the hearts that make up your 4-leaf clover won’t only bring luck but even more love your way!

Give thanks to your spouse for a great night with a four-leaf clover card. | The Dating Divas
Give a four-leaf clover “Thank you” card

Not every holiday has to be a big event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it special with some thoughtful one-on-one time!

Take time to smile and play using this four-leaf clover foreplay activity. | The Dating Divas
Enjoy a fun four-leaf clover date night

Need more ideas for how to make St. Patrick’s Day sweet? Put on a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt or print off some St. Patrick’s Day cards! Most importantly, have fun!

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