The Truth About Relationship Success

Couple in love and looking at each other

When it comes to relationships, many people think that you need to put up a wall to protect yourself. They believe that if you are too vulnerable, you will get hurt.

However, research has shown that vulnerability is actually one of the keys to successful relationships. In this blog post, we will explore the truth about vulnerability and how it can lead to love.

So why is vulnerability so important? When you are vulnerable, you are showing your true self. You are not hiding behind a façade or pretending to be something that you are not.

This allows your partner to see the real you and decide if they want to be in a relationship with you. If they do, then they will likely appreciate your honesty and openness.

Many singles I work with fall for the Marketing Trap where they morph into something they are not, trying to make themselves more appealing to the other person.

The Marketing Trap only ends up attracting the wrong type of person. Most singles tell me they feel so much anxiety trying to keep up this charade that they end up unconsciously sabotaging the relationship to get out. This is a form of people-pleasing to get someone to like you.

Eventually, the true version of these singles is revealed, and most relationships will not last because the relationship was never started based on true authenticity.

Brene Brown is a researcher who studies courage, vulnerability, and shame. She says that “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.”

In the video below, I share part of my own story of learning how to be vulnerable in relationships.

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To do this, to be vulnerable, means owning all parts of you, even the parts that you may have shame around. For example, maybe you have been cheated on before, and sometimes you get insecure in relationships.

In the early stages of dating, it is perfectly fine to ask questions to understand how your potential partner may support a person with insecurities about cheating. Instead, most singles in this situation play it cool and pretend to be confident.

Sharing this important information about yourself will help you understand if this person can be a loving and accepting partner in the future. The right partner will want to support you rather than judge you. This is why vulnerability allows you to form a deeper connection with your partner.

When you share your true thoughts and feelings with them, they will be more likely to reciprocate. This will create a strong bond between the two of you that can weather any storms that come your way.

Of course, being vulnerable does not mean you should share everything about yourself right away. You should still take some time to get to know your potential partner before you start sharing your deepest secrets.

But, if you want to create a lasting and loving relationship, vulnerability is essential.

So next time you are considering a new relationship, don’t be afraid to let your guard down and be vulnerable. It just might be the best thing you ever do.

What are your thoughts on vulnerability? Have you been afraid to be vulnerable in a relationship? I’m here to help support you in learning how to trust again and safely open your heart.

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