What a Woman REALLY Wants in a Man! (Shocking!)

What a Woman REALLY Wants in a Man! (Shocking!)


What a Woman Really Wants in a Man

Part 6 of What Makes a Real Man to Her

What a woman really wants in a man may surprise you! 

In fact, most of these appealing traits are the same traits you admire in men you respect.

These are the qualities emotionally intelligent and healthy women want—and you do want an emotionally healthy woman, right?

If not, then you’re on the wrong site!

But if you do want a high value woman you can settle down with without settling, then you’ll want to show her you have these qualities.

And really, you’ll benefit the most from them, anyway, even if you choose to stay single forever!

So, let’s get into it…

What a Woman Really Wants in a Man

He Communicates

A man who can communicate his needs and desires is more likely to be able to get them met.

Unlike many women like to think, we are not mind readers. 

Yes, women are intuitive and often pick up on more subtle energies and signs that might be imperceptible to most men, but they’re not great at interpreting those energies and signs.


Because women seem to think men are just hairy women, women often make assumptions based on what a woman might do. 

Men and women are different in some ways. That’s not sexist, that’s reality.

So a man who can openly communicate his needs and desires is highly attractive.

Key point!

Sharing your feelings, needs and desires does not make you beta! 

And sharing your feelings can save you from building resentment and/or inadvertently becoming beta by letting her walk all over you.

Being needy, insecure or overly attached can make you beta.

Which brings us to the next feature women really want in a man.

He’s Resourceful

Listen closely, there’s a big difference between having resources and being resourceful.

Resources are the result of resourcefulness which is the ability to be capable and effective.

A man who has resources can keep a roof over her head as long as those resources are available.

But a man who’s resourceful will always be able to keep a roof over her head because he’s built to figure out how to ensure that.

Often, men with resources had the resourceful skills to accomplish their level of financial (or other) success.

So, having money is obvert evidence of resourcefulness—or at least, that’s how women interpret it.

But there are other ways of showing resourcefulness that a good woman appreciates.


An unexpected bill came in and you’re tight on cash.

You don’t become needy and insecure about the situation. You become resourceful.

You pick up some extra hours at work or finally sell some stuff you’ve been meaning to but haven’t got around to. 

Or you create a side hustle that actually makes money without requiring any. 

Do you know the Got Junk? story? 

A homeless man, Brian Scudamore, started asking people if they needed their junk hauled away.

That’s resourceful.

In order to have resourcefulness, you’ll also need internal strength.

He’s Strong

Physical strength certainly comes in handy in hand to hand combat and zombie apocalypses.

But inner strength is what makes you step up and do what you must do.


It’s when you don’t fight the guy even though you could kick his butt.

And it’s when you don’t let her triggered emotions phase you but remain calm, cool and collected.

Some call this stoicism. I believe you’ve got to be strong to be stoic.

If you feel lacking in physical or emotional strength, you might want to get your testosterone checked! 

An imbalance in hormones can affect both! 

Here’s a link for where you can get your TST checked from the comfort of your armchair.

Strong is a man who doesn’t break easily. 

We live in a tumultuous world and women’s primary need is safety, physical and emotional.

When the world makes her feel unsafe in it, she needs to know she can lean on your strength.

Remember, we’re talking about high value women, not damsels in distress!

She’ll be your strength when you need it, too.

Which brings us to the one trait most men are confused by and then we’ll talk about the juicy one!

He Displays Vulnerability

Believe it or not, vulnerability is attractive in men if it’s presented in the right way at the right time.

When a man can show vulnerability and tenderness over the backdrop of strength and resourcefulness, that can be a major turn on for women.

Don’t believe me?

Did you know that one of the things that primes a woman for love making later on is watching the man of the house play with the kids?

True story.

It’s not the same in reverse, men don’t get primed for action watching women with their children, that’s why you likely never thought of it.

Of course, you have to be authentically enjoying yourself.


Or how about this one: a strong man tenderly holding a baby. Women be dripping!

Another True Story

My ex husband was a rough and tough and hard to bluff contractor but he’d tear up at the slightest show of genuine compassion in other people or in movies or stories etc.

He’ll deny it if you ask him, but anyone who knows him knows this is true.

It was one of the things I loved most about him.

But, again, vulnerability is not attractive or manly when you act like a needy, insecure or overly attached child who can’t handle life.

Do you see the difference, now?

Again, if you’ve lost your assertiveness, you may want to get your testosterone checked!

And if you want to know how to get back into your masculine frame after exposing your self, as in your real vulnerable self, watch my video on Balancing Masculinity and Emotions.

Speaking of exposing oneself, another example of sexy vulnerability that’ll lead us to the juicy trait…

Vulnerability is when you feel awkward, uncomfortable and self-conscious asking your woman how you can better please her in bed—and really listening without getting defensive.

Which brings us to the last but certainly not least traits all women want in a man.

His Seduction Skills


Every woman wants her man to make her melt, to make her desire him intimately. 

Even though we often talk about women being seductresses, a man who can effectively seduce a woman and make her crave him will have her coming back for more.

The art of seduction is about many subtle forms of foreplay that begin right after her last O.

Let me repeat: subtle!

Key point!

For a woman to be ready for physical intimacy she usually needs to be mentally and emotionally ready.

This will require your assistance for best results. 


She won’t be able to feel relaxed enough for your overt seduction overtures if she’s stressed about to-do’s on her task list.

But, Anna, what about the hoes as the bar who are DTF?

Silly Chad! 😉 For one: she’s likely not a high value woman. 

For two: she’s mentally primed her own pump for what’s to come, so to speak. 😉

These traits are what a woman really wants in a man. 

Because you can spend all your time looking for an amazing women but when you find one of these rare unicorns you won’t want to lose her to a man who’s developed these qualities.

And the good news is these traits are features every man will feel good about developing regardless of any woman.

So if you’re a man who wants to settle down without settling and live a satisfying life you’ll want to embody as many of these qualities as you can.

And the best news is any man can develop them!

If you haven’t seen the videos in my What Makes a Real Man to Her series, I invite you to check them out!

And for those who feel a lack of libido, loss of assertiveness, or strength (mental, physical or emotional), follow this link to get your testosterone checked before it’s too late to fix.

Thanks for being here and God bless!