Existential Dread, and Overcoming an Existential Crisis

Existential Dread


Key Topics:

0:00: Introduction

2:35: Meaning and purpose as the basis for Existentialism

5:20: Four basic issues of existence

7:00: Practical reasons for exploring Existentialism

10:50: Forrest’s childhood acceptance of death

12:00: Four approaches to confronting existential frailty

13:45: Rick’s orientation to existential dread and its three psychological challenges

15:45: Rick’s personal experience confronting ambivalence and asking the point of living

20:25: Confronting an existential crisis as a catapult into a meaningful life

22:45: Morbid preoccupation as avoidance and selfing

23:45: The three major whys of living: pleasure, service, and learning

26:10: What death can teach us about living a good life

31:30: Waves and water – resting in gratitude for life and it’s inevitable ending

36:15: Humor in the space of emptiness between living things

39:10: Natural fear vs. anticipatory dread

43:10: Finding your why when familiar structures break down

48:35: Recap, and “front porch” meditation