What Women Love Men to Wear!

What Women Love Men to Wear!

12 Simple Things Men Wear That 97.2% of ALL Women Absolutely Love!

In my recent video on what things women first notice, I asked if you wanted me to do a video on the what women love men to wear and many of you said, “Yes, (Wing)Ma’am!”

Whether you’re just starting to date or you’re back on the market after a long relationship, you know there’s never another chance to make a first impression.

Have you ever seen or met a girl you were attracted to only to be given the once over and have her turn away?

Ouch! That sucks.

We’re all make instant evaluations when seeing someone for the first time.

You may like her appearance for other reasons, but you’re still evaluating her by her appearance.

Women evaluate a little differently. This is actually good news for you!

Because, unlike what you were born with, your attire and style can be easily modified.

But you want to get noticed in a good way without feeling like a clown or fraudster.

It’s tough enough to be confident in the modern dating world, never mind if you feel totally uncomfortable in what you’re wearing.

Well, fine gentlemen, I’ve got good news for you…

Much of what women love men to wear is already in your closet!

And if they’re not, acquiring them will give you another way to stand out to the kind of woman you want without pretending to be someone you’re not.

Some of these things men wear that women find super sexy are pretty standard issue, but you may want to tweak the way you wear them for maximum effect.

Let’s get into what women love men to wear…

First we’ll go through the staples every man should have in his closet, then the extras and then when and how to wear what you don’t usually wear and why.

So stick with me because I always save the best stuff for last!

Men’s Clothing Staples

Some of these are universal, others should be tailored to your personal style, whether you lean toward casual or more formal.

Properly fitting:

  • T-shirts: one black; one white
    • Black if you want to look slimmer
    • White if you want to look beefier
  • Casual jeans or khakis
  • Dark wash jeans or dress pants
    • Whichever you’d feel most comfortable in doing for a nice dinner
  • Check or flannel long sleeve shirt
    • Hint: roll the sleeves up #forearms
  • Long sleeve dress shirt
    • White if you’re white collar or can eat spaghetti without a bib!
    • Black for variety or if you need da bib 😉
  • Sweater
    • Crew neck if casual
    • V-neck if more formal
  • Blazer type sport coat
  • Boots
    • Shit kickers (Daytons), cowboy or desert boots, you pick
  • Dress shoes: brown or black
  • Belt: match dress shoes
  • Socks: match shoes/belt
  • Overcoat
  • Wool type blazer or trench depending on local weather

Make sure whatever you wear is in good repair and fits you well.

Not on The List

Did you notice I didn’t add sweat pants or an expensive suit and tie?

Sweats may be a staple in all our worlds but that’s not one of the simple things women love men to wear.

At the same time, unless you work in the corporate world, a suit and tie is only necessary for weddings, funerals and work.

And noooo, weddings and funerals are not one and the same! At least they won’t be if you follow my advice. 😉

You’ll find more women in big cities appreciate dress suits and more women in small towns prefer a more casual look.

But whatever you wear I suggest using the 10% rule of thumb if you want to look and feel sexiest.

10% Rule of Thumb

Dress 10% better than you usually do, when possible, which will increase your confidence and automatically make you look and feel more attractive.

The key is to work with your personality. Stay true to you!

If you’re a hard-working, blue collar man, you’re not going to be living la vida Fashionisto.

Not only will you feel uncomfortable but it’s false and misleading advertising.

Same thing if you’re a suit guy.

If you’re used to wearing dress shoes or the newest trendy boot, you’re going to stumble and look like a fool if you put on cowboy boots.

Let’s look at the extras and then I’ll give you a bonus tip on when to switch it up to increase your chances of getting something something.

Style Extras

Style extras are things you add that express more of your unique personality, whether for reasons of style or practicality.

Extras are things like:

  • Hats (cowboy, drivers cap, ball cap, Reddington hat)
  • Accessories (watch, jewelry, fancy socks, scarf, tool belt, holster—if you live in Texas!)
  • Leather (vest, jacket, biker pants)

When to Switch it Up

If the lady you like or are with is used to seeing you in a suit, switch it up once in awhile with something a bit more rugged like a checked shirt, jeans and boots. Maybe even a leather jacket.

And if the lady you like or are with is used to seeing you in your blue collar rugged duds, then switch it up by creating an occasion—a nice dinner—to wear a dress shirt and dress pants (or dressy jeans).

You can ramp it up by wearing a suit jacket but only wear a tie if you’re truly comfortable with it.

Being uncomfortable will distract you from being present with your woman.

Why This Works

Just like you might appreciate if your woman surprised you with some new sexy lingerie, women like novelty, too.

Stimulation keeps a relationship interesting.

Seeing a different side of you provides that stimulation and makes her see you in a different light with fresh eyes. #butterflies.

It doesn’t have to be every weekend. In fact, when it’s rare and random, it’ll have the most impact.

And if you’ve watched my video on How To Get Her In The Mood For Love, you’ll already have set the stage for a night of mutual pleasure.

One where she will be tearing your fine attire off to get to the goods. And that’s a good thing!

If you haven’t seen that video, you’ll want to watch it now.

Wink wink, nudge nudge. 😉

Thanks for being here! God bless!

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