Being Well Podcast: Avoidant Behavior: Why We Do It, Forms It Takes, and What to Do About It

Avoidant Behavior

On today’s episode of Being Well, Forrest Hanson and I explore what “avoidant behavior” is, common forms it takes, and what we can do to limit its unhealthy aspects.



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Key Topics:

0:00: Introduction

2:10: Approaching, Avoiding, and Abiding

4:25: Common Forms of Avoidance

7:30: The Costs of Avoidance

11:30: Situational Avoidance

13:40: Cognitive Avoidance

15:30: Emotional Avoidance

16:45: The True Function of Worrying

23:05: Somatic Avoidance

27:40: Useful Aspects of Avoidance

30:45: What Helps People With Their Avoidant Behaviors?

34:30: What We Do vs. What We Are

38:30: Bounding the Problem

40:50: Anticipate Blocks

42:00: Active Coping, and Critiques of Positive Psychology

46:50: An Exercise for Fighting Avoidance

49:40: Recap


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