Being Well Podcast: Self-Help’s Biggest Misconceptions, Part 1: Therapy, Trauma, and Resilience

Self-Help's Biggest Misconceptions


Self-Help's Biggest Misconceptions

As mental health and the psychological sciences have gone increasingly mainstream, so too have some common self-help misconceptions and misunderstandings. In the first of two episodes, Dr. Rick and Forrest Hanson explore some of the biggest misconceptions related to therapy, trauma, and what it means to be “resilient.”



Key Topics:

0:00: Introduction

2:10: Misconception #1: “Personal growth is narcissistic”

5:05: The social value of individual growth

10:25: Misconception #2: “Well-being is all about individual effort”

18:50: Misconception #3: “Therapy is for people who are messed up”

23:00: Misconception #4: “If I go to therapy, I’ll become dependent on it”

30:00: Misconception #5: “If I go to therapy, it’ll destabilize me or mess me up”

34:45: Misconception #6: “People use the word ‘trauma’ too much. These days EVERYTHING is a ‘trauma’”

43:50: How we define what is and isn’t stressful

48:10: Recap

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