Dr. Diana Hill on Perfectionism and Unhealthy Striving

Diana Hill


About Our Guest: Dr. Diana Hill specializes in evidence-based and compassion-focused approaches to living well. She has a thriving private practice in Santa Barbara, CA, is the author of the ACT Daily Journal, and is one of the hosts of the Psychologists Off the Clock Podcast.

Diana is also the host of a new podcast called Your Life in Process launching in January 2022, where she offers practical teachings and conversations on becoming psychologically flexible from the inside out. Part conversation, part practical toolkit, this podcast will have intimate conversations with thought leaders, spiritual teachers, scientists and friends as well as episodes dedicated to building psychological flexibility and integrative health from the inside out.

Key Topics:

0:00 Introduction

2:00 Dr. Hill’s personal journey

4:40 Signs of unhealthy striving

6:50 Recognizing striving in the body

12:50 Signs of being in a healthier place around striving

16:15 What drives perfectionism and how to develop comfort with difficult experiences

22:20 Psychological flexibility and how to see your experience more clearly

26:35 Social and internalized factors in the search for approval 

34:55 Practical ways to develop psychological flexibility

38:00 Inner freedom and choice within discomfort

45:30 Exposure therapy and cognitive diffusion for releasing control and anxiety

55:00 The middle way and climbing the mountains that are important to you.

59:50 Recap