How to Find a Long-Term Relationship: Intention, Skills, Marketing

Long-Term Relationship


Key Topics:

0:00: Introduction

1:55: What supports people in finding a long-term partner?

4:35: Having a clear intention

8:45: Psychological skills to maximize our chances of finding a long-term relationship

12:15: Marketing and sorting through suspects

14:40: Intention expanded

22:15: Psychological skills expanded

22:50: A healthy sense of self worth

26:10: Being aware of your selection biases

29:35: Communication skills

34:30: Seeing the best in one another

37:30: Settling anxious and avoidant tendencies

42:00: Resting in presence with someone

43:15: Not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good

44:25: Marketing explained

55:00: Authenticity

58:20: Recap