Mindfulness Challenge 2021 is HERE! · Centre for Mindfulness Studies

Mindfulness Challenge 2021 is HERE! · Centre for Mindfulness Studies


Mindfulness Challenge 2021 is HERE!

Each year, hundreds of people meditate together to make mindfulness-based mental health programs accessible to individuals and communities. This year’s event celebrates ten years of bringing mindfulness for mental health to those most in need. We have reimagined the Mindfulness Challenge to mark this milestone, but also to be more accessible to all during these unprecedented times, this event is now virtual!

Here are five reasons you should join the Mindfulness Challenge 2021:

  1. Great way to start your year by caring for yourself and your community. Given the challenges brought by the pandemic, mindfulness is a great resource in coping with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. 
  1. Great way to learn from ten extraordinary guides, with diverse backgrounds over the span of one month.
  1. Great way to give back to the community, especially those most in need who live with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.
  1. Great way to foster connection with your friends and family. Join the challenge together, and create a team!
  1. Great way to encourage those who are new to mindfulness to join the challenge. Each of our 10 challenges have been designed to support individuals with any mindfulness experience. 

Join the challenge and register now!