New MBCT Training Partnership in China and the Philippines · Centre for Mindfulness Studies

New MBCT Training Partnership in China and the Philippines · Centre for Mindfulness Studies

The Centre for Mindfulness Studies (CMS) is delighted to announce they have partnered with Friendly Care (FC) in the Philippines and the Chinese Canadian Mindfulness Association (CCMA) to deliver an intensive certificate training program for facilitating MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy), an 8-week clinical program for the prevention and treatment of mood disorders.  

The training initiative consists of a 2-part train-the-trainer program. The first part of the training program is being delivered by CMS faculty from December 2021 to March 2022 and is aimed at developing four experienced MBCT facilitators, two from FC and two from CCMA to train professionals interested in learning how to facilitate an MBCT workshop. The training will cover facilitation of four CMS workshops that are core to CMS’ MBCT Facilitation Certificate Program. 

The second part of the training will be delivered by CCMA and FC in spring/summer 2022, and is aimed at training Chinese and Filipino professionals to facilitate MBCT programs.

About the Partners

FC is a non-profit, non-stock private organization founded by USAID in 1999 to serve the medical needs of mid to low-income Filipinos with a focus on reproductive health, including family planning. Since then, FC has expanded its services in line with its mission of providing affordable, accessible, and quality family healthcare services. More recently, and in partnership with CMS, FC has added mindfulness-based mental health to its range of services. FC is also currently engaged in a Templeton-funded research project along with CMS entitled A Mindfulness Based Program to Advance Compassion and its Related Virtues in Young Filipino Adults’. 


CCMA is a non-profit organization established in 2020 and registered in Canada.  Its mission is to integrate high-quality mindfulness-related courses and trainers in North America.  It intends to help Mandarin speakers worldwide by using mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stress, including providing mindfulness training programs to Mandarin speaking Chinese in Mainland China. CCMA’s primary interest in this project is in acquiring the skills to effectively train Chinese professionals to facilitate MBCT programs within their local communities.