7 Must-Have Qualities to Look for in a Marriage Counselor

7 Must-Have Qualities to Look for in a Marriage Counselor


A non-negotiable when it comes to seeking out a marriage counselor is that they are a Bible-believing Christian. While many good marriage counselors are not Christians, it is best to have a Christian as your marriage counselor. If they are not a Christian, their values might not align with yours. With recent talk of ethical non-monogamy, many marriage counselors might steer you away from a biblical approach to your marriage.

Choose to stick with a Christian marriage counselor, and it will ensure you are being counseled in a way that honors God. Christian counselors will be able to include the Bible into your sessions as well as have time for prayer. God needs to be involved in your counseling sessions and this cannot be done apart from having a Christian counselor. The Lord is the One who brought you and your spouse together, and it is pleasing to Him when you want to include Him in your struggles, difficulties, and hardships.

All marriages need to be built upon the Lord. If they are not built upon the Lord, it will crumble. A Christian marriage counselor will be able to help guide your marriage in the way that God wants and provide a third-party, unbiased opinion on various troubles in your marriage. Counselors should never tell you what to do, but they should be able to guide you and allow you and your spouse to work through these problems together.

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